Office Goddess

Hi Everyone,

It’s Kat here, aka Sweetie.

So as a couple of you already know I’m going to be helping Kate out around here.  I have been promoted to Office Goddess; you can call me “the OG” if you like. 😉

I found the above image in a Bing image search — I gather she’s Phonia, Guardian of Phones.  (BTW I don’t recommend entering the search criteria “office goddess” into Bing’s image search with the SafeSearch mode turned off.  Just trust me on this one).

If you use our handy web contact form to book a reading, or email Kate at for any professional matters, I’ll probably be your first point of contact.  Kate will still be blogging and doing all of your readings of course, but I’m going to be handling all the stuff that isn’t her genius work, so she’ll have a lot more time to do that.  🙂

Take care everyone, Happy New Year, and I look forward to talking with you!

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