I found some photos of Sweetie & I from our first couple of years together. It’s interesting that I don’t think we have a single photograph of us indoors.


This is in Algonquin Park, on the way to introduce Kathryn to my family.


This is the first of MANY beach trips in Toronto.


Our first canoe trip, Temagami, Ontario. Check me out, rocking the Tilley hat.



Here is Sweetie sporting one of my bandanas after losing her favourite pink hat.


I think this must have been after the first night. It takes a couple of nights for me to feel comfortable sleeping on the ground.


You can’t really see it, but that’s a vintage CBC t-shirt.. It’s Canadian hipster chique!


And me with a sunburnt nose in my favourite camping hat. I found that hat on the subway in Toronto. (I washed it before wearing it, don’t judge me!). It was a fantastic hat. I lost it on the subway a couple of months after this trip. I figured it just wanted to go on adventures with someone else.

As for me, I’m happy to go on adventures with Sweetie.

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