Thought broadcasts

(Kevin Richardson)

Thank you to everyone who’s sent prayers and good thoughts to my mother and I. I’ve said this so many times that I fear it’s beginning to lose the intensity of gratitude I wish to communicate: I really appreciate it. Thank you.

A MASSIVE thank you to those who have offered to help me get out to Ontario for a visit, and who have contributed to my travel fund. This is an enormous practical help to me. I am really looking forward to the day when I step into my parent’s house. I’m not exactly sure when it will be, but SOON!

For those who are interested, I would like to ask you to shift your thoughts from “Oh that’s terrible! What a sad thing to happen,” to “I know you are all strong. You will make it through this gracefully.”

The thought energy you send my way can make a really big difference. The best thing to send is me, personally, strength.

I think I’ve also talked about rescue animals and how it helps their recovery if you just let go of their “rescue story”. The more an animal is subjected to “awwww! Poor guy!” thoughts, the dog senses that energy and responds to it, or is more inclined to remember and think about his past experiences.

Even an animal’s name can have a huge impact on how they feel and experience the world. I changed my dog’s name a couple of times until we finally landed on “Happy” which reminds him how to feel, and it tells other people who meet him what kind of dog he is (so they give him the expectation that he is a Happy Dog.)

I even changed my own name from the European Kirsten (pronounced “Kyearsten”) to Kate. I did this after 30 years of people mis-pronouncing my name! You wouldn’t believe the distance it creates between two people when they know they’ve been corrected on your name before, and they don’t want to get it wrong again, but they just can’t remember your name! It’s so much better being “Kate”. Everyone remembers Kate. They can greet me with confidence and intimacy. It’s a much nicer energy.

My mom is doing really well. I’m incredibly anxious to get to Ontario to visit her, but I may decide to wait until after her treatment. While she’s in treatment, she’ll be staying in Ottawa. She might be too tired for a visit, and I have no relatives in Ottawa. I may just wait until her treatment ends so I can visit her in her home, and see other relatives as well. We’ll be more likely to have a better visit then. I kind of wish I was there now, though. (Unspoken thought: Gee, I hope she lives that long. Can’t take time for granted.) She’ll find out her treatment schedule on Jan 31.

Meanwhile, I’ve incorporated a new, protective mantra into my day. I don’t like to harp on a point, so I may not have firmly established exactly how crucial psychic protection really is. I like to say a thing once, “Psychic protection is Very Important,” or “Ethics and Boundaries are Very Important,” and then let it go. This doesn’t accurately reflect how these practices are constantly incorporated into my day. Since my mother’s diagnosis, I’ve had to double-down on the psychic protection for my day-to-day life.

For readings, I’m always very meticulous. I’m finding that doing readings creates a place of wonderful peace, calm and happiness. It’s quite normal for me to feel happy and energized after a morning of readings; much of this results from having a meticulous practice in terms of protection, ethics and boundaries. This effect really made me realize that I need to beef up my daily, day-to-day life protection.

One thing that has happened a few times since my mother’s diagnosis is that I’ll hear people’s thoughts as loud or louder than what they actually say to me, when they’re offering their condolences. Like this interaction:

“I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. Are you Okay?”

“Thank you, yes I’m doing fine.”

She’ll fall apart in a year. “Okay well if you need someone to talk to…”

This shows a GLARING gap in my practice. Not only should I *never* read anyone involuntarily or without permission for obvious reasons, I simply don’t want to hear that shit. It doesn’t help me, but other people can’t help what they think. After all, the physical words she used were perfectly acceptable.

This kind of accidental thought eaves-dropping never happens in readings because I’ve firmly established the parameters of practice. The deficit lies in my daily good-morning practice.

In an appropriate coincidence (co-incidence) is I’d just finished listening to John Edward’s “Infinite Quest” and the summary coles-notes version of this book, “Unleashing your psychic potential.”

Both books are great reads, and there are pros and cons to each. In “Infinite Quest” John grinds a couple of personal axes, and he also hits upon every important aspect of an ethical medium’s practice. In particular, he hits the “Protection” and the “Ethics” mark over and over and over again. I’ve grown so used to the “positive phrasing” movement, that I found it jarring to hear a psychic repeatedly talk about what NOT to do.

“Do this. Now, don’t think you can do that. Doing that is very bad. Don’t do that. Here’s a story about someone who did that. Here’s a story about me when I did that. Don’t you do it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

I love John, and I have to say that “Infinite Quest” was an insanely thorough yet broad coverage of almost all things psychic. The only thing he didn’t cover in depth was animal communication, (although he did mention it in passing. I would have loved to hear his side of the story when he talked to Steve Irwin’s giant Galapagos tortoise Harriet.)

Those of you who are psychics in training, I suggest adding either “Infinite Quest” or “Unleashing your psychic potential” to your reading list.

The “Unleashing” audiobook has a lot of guided exercises by John with the crystal-plinky-plunky music that a lot of people use in the background of guided meditations. He eliminated a lot of the background stories to his lessons and just offers the lessons straight-up, group meditation style.

Personally, I like knowing WHY someone uses the techniques they use, and I love autobiographies. (Can you tell? I’m kind of writing my own every time I blog!) I personally preferred the insanely thorough and detailed “Infinite Quest”, dire warnings and all. I’m being a tad glib, because the subject matter is so damn serious and John is an earnest and intense teacher. I’m very grateful he took the time and energy to write that book, even though I was left with the impression that John would seriously disapprove of me and my practice. (Much of the book is about why you *shouldn’t* become a professional medium.)

Well, I’m searching for a graceful way to wrap up this entry… I guess that’s all that’s been rattling around my own brain cage for the past week or so. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Thought broadcasts

  1. RE: your mother — First, I wanted to remind you again that I am here in Ottawa. If your mom would like company or anything, let me know. (I’ll email you about that rather that rabbiting on about it here.) Second, as one daughter to another and at the risk of coming across as too blunt, come see your mom sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for a better time. Anything can happen during treatment. ❤

    RE: John Edward — Funny, I just came across a notebook where I was keeping notes as I was listening to his "Infinite Quest" audiobook a couple of years ago. Never did finish it; probably should. (I also came across animal communication notes from the same time period — another thing to get back to.) I like him, too, but he's not necessarily the kind of psychic I would want to be. (Theresa Caputo sounds very much like him when she's reading, and I don't just mean the accent — maybe it's a Long Island psychic thing. LOL) I would take the idea that he would disapprove of you and your practice as a plus.


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