George: Construction of Reality

George (formerly George Harrison) speaks about how we construct our realities. Please read up on the Soul Bubble entries.

Shows me intersecting realities – the bubbles around everyone, how they touch each other, interact with each other, disagree or come into conflict.

George says, The most important thing to keep in mind is that your reality, is not the reality of another. (Refers to the Yoga movie Sweetie & I watched two nights ago, called “Enlighten Up!” – it’s really good. Funny and educational. Anyway, he’s referring to one teacher who tells the student “You are the most important person in the Universe.”) This is (what I’m talking about). You are the most important person in your Universe, and we must respect each other as Goddesses/Gods of each other’s realities.

(Shows the bubbles interacting / intersecting again.) As this occurs, each being’s interpretation of the exchange is different, seen from their own reality. (This is how you can have 10 eye witnesses to an accident who all have different recollections of the event.)

Discontent and discomfort is generated when the reality bubble of one disagrees with the reality bubble of another. Continuing disagreement causes anger, fear, grief, hate and de-construction. (Shows me Kali, the Goddess of destruction, and we’re reminded that de-construction is as sacred a process as construction.)

It is important to remember that all interaction is a sacred / important / real / essential / supernatural process on an energetic / soul bubble level.

Here is what happens when you are communicating with those out-of-body: Shows my own soul bubble expanding, becoming spongy, inviting a positive and pleasant exchange of energies in which we share the same space. A harmonious sharing of energy – this is where the medium process happens, where the communication takes place. How this information is taken from my own soul bubble and translated through my body via thoughts and words is part of the TRANSLATION, not the actual exchange of communication. We are all reminded that mediums are primarily translators of this energy exchange.

Here is what happens when you are inadequately protecting your own energy field as you move about in the physical world: Shows my energy bubble semi-expanded, semi-spongy, passively absorbing information from everyone and everything around me, through an energy osmosis.

Here is what happens when you are putting your own energy into contracting your field / bubble: Shows the bubble has sucked into my body, as though my body is shrink-wrapped in the energy bubble. Because this bubble has the capacity to expand over the whole universe, when the bubble is shrink-wrapped around my physical being, it’s extremely dense and protective. It also eliminates the possibility of inadvertently reading anyone, and provides extreme protection against draining / tiresome / obnoxious people who may otherwise invade my personal space.

This is the normal state of being: shows the bubble relaxed, extending a few inches to a few meters away from one’s body, depending upon the person’s sensitivity. The more sensitive the person, the easier this sponge picks up information.

This state requires energy: the shrink-wrapped state. It is inadvisable to attempt to spend all of your incarnated time in this state. Yet it is an essential skill, and it is healthy to contract your energy field within yourself once or several times each day, in order to squeeze out and release all erroneous and unwanted influences from your energy field. This energy will fall into the ground, and aren’t we so lucky that Mother Earth cares for us in this way? (The cleansing of the energy which is “grounded out”.) This energy is harmonized with the base earth energy, and he gives me the sound of Om, and it is re-emitted into the atmosphere through the ocean, the earth, plants, trees and everyone who exists on the earth’s surface. We in turn draw up the earth energy and share it with the atmosphere and each other, so we are a part of the process, a part of the ecosystem. Just like paramecium, taking in from the Petri dish of our reality, and expelling outwards.

When I am aware of feeling tired or drained, I like to imagine myself unplugging from everyone who’s in my mind. Friends, family, coworkers, spirit friends. I imagine that an energy extension cord joining the two of us is unplugged, and I draw that cord up into myself like the automatic cord winder on my vacuum. This exercise of shrink-wrapping my energy field was introduced to me just a few days ago, and already I’m finding it extremely useful when I’m interacting with intrusive people. (Intrusive people never mean to be intrusive, they just aren’t aware of what they’re putting out there.)

George shows me the shrink-wrapped state: In this state, it is unlikely your reality will disagree with another’s. It is safe, yet requires energy to maintain. We all must share each other’s realities, as this exchange and interaction is the soul / sole purpose of existence! Without interaction, existence is meaningless. (Refers to the last CR entry where Erik talked about how rare actual hauntings really are.) Why does a ghost make it’s existence known and felt? For the same reason a newborn child wants to breathe – it’s life, it begins with WILL, the desire to exist and interact. (Acknowledges that interaction occurs not just between people, but between all life. You can be a hermit on the mountain and have thousands of life-creating/affirming interactions with beings of nature and energy every day.)

The interesting part of hermitage is there is no other human to ground / synchronize your reality into a common or shared frequency of existence. This is why the shaman and spiritual teachers are compelled to isolate themselves from others, in order to explore their reality’s potential for expansion. Spirit Quest. What you experience in your own reality cannot be experienced by another, and so the significance of an event to one may be inconsequential to another.

Judgment of another’s experience is merely disagreement between one soul’s reality and another. If you are judged, you need not be injured energetically by this exchange. You can merely acknowledge that their reality disagrees with your own experience.

Imagine the Peace of this exchange. (Smiles ironically at the Beatles reference.) Peace is what makes you truly powerful, as you become the master of your mind, your energy field, your experience, your reality, your Universe.

(He gives me love and says goodbye.)

Love you too, George. Thank you.

Beatles fans, check out this lovely story and fabulous collection of photographs:

Okay, a funny little story here. I’d initially found this photo:

But when I found the top photo of George Harrison smiling, I decided I wanted to use that instead, and John protested, because he likes being in the photos. I said, “Well it’s George talking, so maybe it should just be him in the photo.” Then I hear, “Ha, I changed it. Now I’m in this photo.” And then I notice that John is there, out of focus in the background behind George, his GRIN the most visible thing about him.

This is the funny thing about the nature of our realities. Now that I see John there, this photo has permanently changed in my reality. Now that you’ve read this, if you didn’t see John there before, you’ll see him there now. Welcome to my reality bubble! Thank you John, you’re really something!

6 thoughts on “George: Construction of Reality

  1. Aw, that’s really funny. 🙂 I didn’t see John there before either even though his chin appears to be resting on George’s hand.

    This is awesome and I needed to read it right now.

    I have a pretty “spongy” bubble but I rarely “shrink-wrap” it — unless I’m somewhere that’s uncomfortably physically crowded, like a subway car. Because it takes energy, and I’d just rather not. But then I can remember actually getting really angry with strangers, in spite of that.

    I was actually thinking about separateness/conflict/anger today. I’ve been working with a new mantra and it’s just bringing up a lot of stuff. I decided I’m going to do this mantra and squeeze out my sponge and surrender my anger to the universe, and free up that energy. Now whenever I do it part of me goes, “Well, maybe anger is appropriate, though — it’s a crappy world out there sometimes”. There is resistance to the surrender. I’ll notice how separateness/alienation makes me feel special and I’ll start thinking I want to keep it.
    It’s reminding me of quitting smoking, honestly. Like thinking it’s a positive thing and not really wanting to have yellow fingers or wake up coughing anymore — but wondering if you’ll still fit in with your smoker friends, or if it’ll change how you think about yourself. That conflict makes the anger response feel like an addiction.

    The separateness (of soul bubbles) creates growth because there is that… I don’t want to say “conflict”, because it doesn’t have to be negative necessarily. Dissonance? I mean every time we come up against that there’s an opportunity to learn and integrate, or reject and close up. Or to try to force the other to conform.

    Anyway for some reason I forget that I can wring out my sponge. I’m going to do that more often. 🙂


  2. A lot of interesting thoughts here. I work on clearing my chakras every day. I missed a day last week and kept wondering why I felt off the next day until I realized what I’d done. And, sort of like when you need to change your diet or exercise, when you least feel like going through the process is usually when you need it the most. Maybe I’ll try some new techniques. There’s been a lot of thought for me around peoples’ various states of reality. I read in a book the other day about something the Buddhists call “karmic vision” that talks about this. People come here, and experience a certain religious belief or set of circumstances based on their karma and that is why there are so many seeming contradictions in religions and spirituality. It helps me a lot and brought me quite a bit of peace to have a name and explanation for it that made sense to me. This also helps.

    Incidentally, the picture of George smiling, is referred to as “The Inner Light” by the photographer who took it. He said that George’s smile reflected his inner presence, and the light shining from inside of him so strongly. The picture is from the Beatles’ trip to Rishikesh in India. “The Inner Light” is one of George’s songs written around the time of the White Album. The lyrics are very spiritual.

    “Without going out of my door
    I can know all things of earth
    With out looking out of my window
    I could know the ways of heaven
    The farther one travels
    The less one knows
    The less one really knows
    Without going out of my door
    You can know all things of earth
    With out looking out of my window
    You could know the ways of heaven
    The farther one travels
    The less one knows
    The less one really knows
    Arrive without travelling
    See all without looking
    Do all without doing.”


      • Side note: I was talking to George about soul bubbles the other day, and I called him “Mr. Bubbles” since he’s talked about bubbles before. Suddenly the image of that little character on the “Mr. Bubbles” cleaning products came to mind but he had a mop top. It all struck me really funny and I laughed until my face hurt. Maybe you had to be there. 😀


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