New Psychic Developement Class

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Hi Everyone!

Kate has an exciting new offering — an Intermediate level, online Psychic Development class!

It’s been in the works for a while now, and she’s really excited about it.

It’s going to be 2 classes, on 2 consecutive Sundays, 2 hours each (one hour lecture, one hour Q + A).  A total of 4 hours of study.  The total cost of the course will be $165 (a super deal, at a fraction of the cost of Kate’s services).

The conference calls will be held on Sunday, February 23rd at 11 am PST, and on Sunday March 2nd at 11 am PST.

Click here to find your local time

Why Intermediate?

Kate strongly feels that there is a lot of great content and resources available to those who are just looking to get in touch with their intuition and aren’t really sure where to start.  Kate’s list of Awesome Books is a great place to get started if you find yourself in the Beginner category:

Awesome Books!

Not sure if you’re an Intermediate?

As part of the course registration process, Kate asks that participants fill out an online questionnaire.  There are no right or wrong answers.  This questionnaire is designed give you a sense of where you are in relation to the class curriculum, and it will also help Kate understand who you are and where you are coming from.  The class will be limited to 8 – 10 participants and will include lots of time for Q + A, so there will be lots of time for individualized attention.

Sounds good?  Click here for more information and to register:

Study Online With Kate

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