The thing about the class…

Okay. We know that was REALLY short notice. Here’s what happened:

We were originally going to run the class on these dates, but things got a bit busy and we didn’t actually get a chance to launch it until this weekend.

Just as I was changing the dates for the class, the power went out, and the post went live with the original dates.

I figured, well, maybe we should just go with the original dates then. Maybe the class doesn’t need promotion….

But we’ve had no response to the class. None. Crickets. Nada. Zilch.

So obviously we screwed up here, somewhere.

So you guys, can you help us out here? Would you be interested in the class if it ran at a later date? Is the questionnaire seriously going to suck up a week of your time (believe it or not, Kat trimmed it down!)

The crazy thing about this class is that it kind of sprang out of me, all at once, with this great sense of urgency. I feel ITCHY to teach it!

We would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

20 thoughts on “The thing about the class…

  1. Kate, I’ll chime in to say that I’m interested in taking the class. It’s just that the dates seemed so close and I wasn’t sure I was in the right frame of mind to concentrate on it so I decided to wait in the hopes that you would offer it again some point down the road when I am ready to pay it the focus and attention necessary.

    I would go on to speculate that if it sprang out of you all at once, that your guidance team really wants you to do it! 🙂


  2. Oh and I also looked at the questionnaire and realized that it would take me quite a while to fill it out. I don’t mind doing that but is there a way to partially fill it out, save it for later, and return to complete it?


  3. Gah, sorry about the multiple comments but I don’t know how to edit to add stuff!

    I had another thought. Perhaps because of the “intermediate” requirement there aren’t a lot of readers who consider themselves at that level yet? So they might need time to do more reading of the books you recommended and practice for themselves in order to move from beginner to intermediate? This might indicate why there wasn’t a lot of initial response but that doesn’t mean that people won’t want to do it later once they’ve done more work. Just a guess…. 😉

    There might be a lot of readers of spiritual blogs who don’t consider themselves intuitive or psychic. Unless Erik comes to visit them and bop them over the head!


    • Yeah, maybe a better definition of “intermediate”. There are *so many* basic level courses in both animal communication and spirit communication, but it seems there are few for people who have already taken the intro courses, who have read books, who are basically *there* but not sure why they can’t *do it*


  4. I totally want to take this class! I was waiting til now (little one’s napping, no nap yesterday = no time) to fill it out.
    only catch for me is I’m on vacation the 2nd weekend, and can’t guarantee I’ll make it to the class, but I would be ok with the recording.

    another thought would be to do a few segments on that learn-it-live website.

    I definitely think you are filling a great gap for intermediate psychic learning!!



  5. I’m definitely interested–not sure my skills qualify as “intermediate”–but financially right now I need to wait to spend more $. I think next time!


  6. [Sorry in advance for the novel. LOL]

    I probably would have signed up the minute I saw the course the other day — because the dates you chose fit perfectly into my schedule, which is unusual enough for me that I would have taken it as a sign — until I read the questionnaire and started questioning whether or not I was even “intermediate” enough for the class. (I consider myself at least intermediate in terms of knowledge, but probably more half-assed slacker novice in terms of practice. Where does that fit in with the idea of the class? I don’t know.)

    When I wrote that it would take a week to fill out the questionnaire, I was only partly kidding/exaggerating. It’s a long questionnaire, with a lot of essay questions that require a lot of thought and consideration. Not something to be tossed out in 10 minutes, for sure. And when you figure on people being distracted by work and other things during that time, yeah, it could take a week. (After all, here it is Wednesday already and I haven’t had a chance to get back to it yet. It reminds of the questionnaires that Chris Reburn sends out after each call in his courses — I’m *still* procrastinating about filling those in and I’ve had almost two years to try. It’s daunting. He finally gave up.)

    The questions about our backgrounds are relatively easy to answer; the ones asking for definitions of terms and whatnot feel like a pop quiz while others seem overly intense for a pre-course questionnaire. (For example, the suicide and grieving mother questions are very complex and seem be coming a little out of left field unless the classes are intended to be in the realm of grief counselling or death midwifery or the like.) I’m thinking it would be better to just state clearly that people are expected to have a certain level of basic knowledge of the topics (e.g. know what chakras, auras, etc., are) without trying to get proof of that knowledge in a pre-course questionnaire. Do you know what I mean? (It feels like this is something that would be easier to talk about by actually talking. I’d be happy to try to help you streamline the questionnaire a bit if you wanted that, but it’s something that should probably be done over the phone.)

    I’d still very much like to sign up for the original dates, but I’ll be honest and say that there’s no chance I’d have the questionnaire completed any time soon. And I’m guessing that you wouldn’t hold the course on those dates for just one person anyway so it’s probably a moot point. But I’ll put it out there anyway.


    • I totally get what your saying, and I want to explain myself: there are many different ideas out there about auras, chakras, intuition etc. I need to know what people’s personal definitions are before they come into a group conversation, so I can clarify what we’re all talking about.

      The language is not universal.

      As well, the fields will only take so many characters, so only one sentence is necessary for each question. You could even write “don’t know” or “haven’t thought about it”

      The suicide and grieving questions are there because if you really do want to start functioning telepathically / psychically, this is going to bite you in the ass sooner or later. If this is a “don’t know” or “haven’t thought about it” question, then there would definitely be some supplementary recommended reading I’d suggest in addition to the class.

      You’re very sweet kitty, and I know you well enough personally to say you’re one of those people who are nearly there. You’ve done a TON of independent study. If it takes you a half hour to answer the questionnaire, you’re definitely intermediate / advanced.

      I didn’t know you’d taken any of Christopher Reburns classes! I love that guy! Did you enjoy working with him?


  7. Kate, I’m really interested in the class, but I have house guests for the next few weeks. I won’t be free to focus on much else until after March 13. That’s the only reason I didn’t sign up.


  8. Hi Kate, I thought about it too. My questions with it were also about level…in some regards, I feel like I am at least intermediate or maybe even more and wondered what might be redundant for me. In other ways, I feel like there’s stuff that just doesn’t “click” for me, intuitively, and I am very isolated from other developing people other than a few Facebook friends. There are no local groups, it’s a small and somewhat conservative town. So some of the topics I feel very familiar with and practice every day, in other regards I feel like I am not advancing at all other than the general way I “feel” energetically and dreams and psychic visions. Would it help if people just filled out a questionnaire even if they don’t want to commit to the class, just to see what sort of things people are experiencing out here? It seems to me that the way people are progressing spiritually is as unique as all of us. It can be a lonely process sometimes so a network might really help. Hope that is helpful to you!


    • I hear ya, and this is the sort of thing I had in mind with the “joyful telepathy” Facebook group that couldn’t keep up.

      If you find that many of the typical development classes are redundant, it’s definitely time to consider yourself intermediate / advanced.

      It’s true everyone’s coming at this from their own unique experience, and that’s part of what I want to acknowledge and honour with this class. It’s about opening doors rather than setting out rules and exercises.

      It’s also about personal empowerment and personal responsibility.


  9. Hi
    I actually have avoided weighing in, and for some reason Sara’s comment urged me to respond. I too feel like I am intermediate yet all over the place in that I rarely hear of others having the experiences/visuals I have. It does not bother me but I am not sure a class is for me.
    The same day this post came out I was online for two hours in an Akashic records tele-class. The person giving the class had written a book that I bought. The book is fabulous giving step by step instructions/examples practice exercises etc. It also explains how you can know you are truly accessing the records. The class was $35 with the purchase of the $13 book.
    I logged onto the webinar and although I stuck it out I found myself antsy, completing exercises before the others, waiting for everyone to finish, etc. I will say that the two hours validated what I already knew, but I was glad I didn’t spend more than 35.00.
    So, I guess I am saying I can’t see myself committing to four hours nor the $165 expense. I do know we all are on the right path and maybe there is another way we can discuss. What is meant to be will find its way! I do know that for sure. Much love to all of you.


    • That is absolutely true. Nikki, I’m a fiercely independent learner too, and I’ve had class experiences similar to yours.

      Classes serve a purpose, and the purpose of this offering is for folks who are interested in how I do this work, and what I feel will help them with their personal blocks / challenges. It’s also about Aries getting his two cents in there and offering guidance as well.

      It’s less that you’re paying for a formal sit-back-and-listen class, you’re paying for a four hour facilitated group conversation with me as the main mouthpiece. The class size is very small, which creates a different experience than a huge webinar. As well, the questionnaire helps me to pick up the line where it’s needed, and avoid repeating information – it helps me to tailor the conversation.

      I do appreciate your comments (everyone) because this has done a better job of clarifying what exactly this is and how it’s different from other groups.

      And if you’re an independent learner – you have my respect. Learning is not a passive experience but a proactive one.

      Oh and another reason for not using a webinar format: I want the group to be private. This is not a product to be re-sold for other people to passively listen to, it’s specifically about only the people in the group. The information is tailored for them, and I want them to be comfortable actively participating.


  10. I had a thought today. Maybe we should all fill out the questionnaire just to do it and see where we stand. Including you Kate? is that obnoxious that I even suggest such a thing? ha ha. I think it would be awesome to see if like attracts like and if we all just naturally came together with like thinking. Ok maybe its a dumb idea:)


      • Feel free to copy and paste the form to use it as a basis for discussion.

        The purpose of it in this context is to give me a tangible idea of the knowledge base and experience people are bringing to the circle; replies will be kept confidential.

        I would caution anyone against using the form as a tool to compare themselves to others.

        It really doesn’t matter how you compare to anyone else, and no form could tell you if you were more or less advanced, because how you define advancement is arbitrary.

        You simply are where you are. Where you go, how you grow, these things can’t be evaluated in the context of a group average – everyone is going somewhere different. There is no competition.


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