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So we have a couple of options in running the “Intermediate” class before I leave for two weeks in April. If there are three people who’d like to participate in March, I’ll totally run the class. I would LOVE it if there were more people, and given the number of folks who I *know* have taken a ton of beginners classes, read piles of books and sent me “am I crazy?” emails, I know there more than enough people reading the blog to fill this class several times over.

Seriously, do you think I’d jump in with an “Intermediate” class if I didn’t think there were more of you than “beginners”?

Okay, I’ll confess: Facilitating this group is going to be a LOT of fun for me, (a LOT more fun than a beginner class.) So yeah, I’m itching to do this.

If these dates don’t work for you, please comment or email me to express your interest, and I’ll consider running it in April or May after I return. And remember, it’s not just me who’s going to be yapping: Aries is going to speak on behalf of my “team”, a group of beings who specialize in hooking up people who are willing to step into this field with the resources they need to progress.

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You do not need to spend a DIME to become psychic. You can do it all on your own. The purpose in offering this class is to make it *easier*, to help fill in those gaps faster. The goal is to keep the group small, address each person’s personal development and have each participant experience a big boost in their success rate.

There’s also a reason I’m not just writing this out and posting it on the blog: It needs to be tailored to the people who step forward to participate. Otherwise, I’d be just one crazy psychic on youtube posting more videos of group meditations and plinky-plunky music. Nobody wants that!

Here’s what will be discussed:

First Conference Call:

1. Grounding

2. Protection

3. Fear – moving past fear blocks; your own and other people’s

4. Ethical practice, respect and “grey areas”

5. Faith, Guides, Protectors, Helpers, Spirit Friends

6. How belief and faith impacts your intuitive ability and capacity

7. Understanding yourself, intuitively.

8. Daily rituals, maintenance & self-care; vulnerability, recognizing “negative energy”, it’s impact upon you and what you can / must do about it to progress in your intuitive development.

9. Your body animal.

10. Your higher self.

Second Conference Call:

1. Medium, animal communicator, psychic, intuitive: definitions to provide a frame of reference for our discussion.

2. Your body instrument.

3. Clearing the communication line, perceiving the communication, translating the communication

4. Safe Practices

5. Building your personal intuitive language for consistent translation

6. Common Pitfalls: Interpretation, your own thoughts, ego pitfalls, ethical pitfalls (insecurity and overcompensation.)

7. Loving Acceptance (Why it’s okay to be wrong.)

8. Your particular blocks & challenges, Q & A

Here is what will NOT be offered:

· Specific group exercises that we all do together

· Plinky-plunky music

· Guided meditation

So, here are the date options (all Saturdays beginning at 11 am PST)

March 8th & 15th


March 15th & 22nd

Would anyone like to join me in March? Please comment or send me an email!

Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Class / Learning Circle Call dates

  1. This is an amazing offer, Kate! I wish I could commit, but time/money at this point are a problem — if anything at all changes I will let you know. You’ve been such a tremendous help to me already and would love to show my appreciation!


  2. Trying to figure out how to do this posting… I’m interested in taking this class and just found the questionnaire and submitted it. Any of the dates would be fine with me.


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