Experimental Podcast!

I am a voracious podcast consumer.  I LOVE audio media.  I chomp through 20 hours of podcasts a week, allowing the information to feed into my brain while I’m doing other mundane things like grocery shopping, cleaning or commuting around town.

I’ve wanted to start my own podcast for over a year, and today, I just took the leap!

It’s really quick and dirty, basically a 25 minute monologue… but it’s there, and it’s all set up!  Now I can monologue whenever I want and post it to the blog!

Ultimately, I’m hoping to do two *well done* podcasts a month and include a recorded phone call, but at this point I’m still learning the tools and figuring out logistics.  The podcast feed has been submitted to itunes; until itunes approves it, you can subscribe to this feed manually by copying and pasting this link:


into your “subscribe to podcast” window in itunes.    Then you can get the podcast onto your mobile device by synching it… or you can just stream the podcast here:


Once itunes approves the podcast and lists it, you should be able to find it by searching in podcasts for “Kate Sitka”.  I’ll let you know!


3 thoughts on “Experimental Podcast!

  1. With the clear, calm tone of your voice, your genuine interest of the subject at hand comes through nicely in this podcast experiment of yours and it sounds like a promising option for you to share with your readership. I look forward to hearing more.
    (For both teacher and student, I think a podcast can be an effective educational tool.)


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