Yay! The class is a go! Mar 8 & Mar 15!

So funny thing:  this is the first time we’ve used formsite for online forms, so I wasn’t getting notified when people filled out the forms.  But I found them all now, so YAY!

THE CLASS IS A GO!  I’m so happy!  Thanks you guys!  We have five people so far!  There’s room for three more, in case anyone else would like to join us, otherwise, five is a perfect group.

I will send an email to everyone who’s submitted a form after this post is processed.  If it’s Monday Morning march the 3rd and you have not received a confirmation email from me, please send me an email directly to tofinopsychic@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Yay! The class is a go! Mar 8 & Mar 15!

  1. Alas, I cannot join this time around as I’m working on the 8th (*and* I still haven’t gotten back to that questionnaire LOL). But I wish everyone happy learning. Hope the class goes really well. 🙂


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