Better internet on the horizon?

Anyone who’s requested a skype reading with me will know that my internet connection is not reliable enough to offer this service. I can usually participate in a “learn it live” style conference hosted by someone else, but my own connection is not consistent or reliable enough to actually organize something myself using these tools. It’s a bit of a bummer, because there are a few people overseas who have opted for email readings rather than phone readings because of this, and now we have one person who can’t participate in the class because she’s overseas.

Well, we just might have better internet service come fall. MAYBE. I can’t promise it will be better, but I HOPE it will be.

Out here in the Tofino / Ucluelet area, the phone company can’t meet the demand for internet service. If you are a new resident to the area, you will not be able to get internet through the telephone company. As the cable service was the only game in town and took every new customer, the result was an EXTREMELY SLOOOOOW internet.

Sweetie & I have been fortunate enough to have internet access through our landlady for the past year and a half, but this service will be disconnected in September.

What does this mean for the blog and the podcast? It could actually be very good! There is a satellite internet provider who just set up in town, and they’ve been getting really great reviews. We’ll likely be switching to this service in August, and it might be fast enough to offer calls and conferences on skype.

I’m also investigating VOIP options which will open up several solutions for calling overseas, recording calls and adding a “question answer” segment to the podcast!

So I’m pretty stoked.

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