Sister Reunion!


Had an awesome visit with my sister, she’s amazing!

There’s wifi on this bus, so I figured I’ll try and post a quick update. This bus is awesome, cushy comfy seats, new bus. Gross bathroom, but you know, it is greyhound.

The last bus I took from Pembroke to Sudbury was the creepiest, crappiest bus I’ve ever been on, and I kept thinking about that guy who was killed on a bus. Turns out, IT WAS THAT SAME BUS!!! My sister confirmed it was on this route, and all they’ve done with it is replaced the murder seat. So the murder seat is a different colour from the rest of the seats.

I didn’t realize this at the time I was on the bus, my shields were UP, and now I’m really glad for it.

I’m also glad the replacement busses are so nice.

My mother has been hospitalized with low 02 levels. We’re hoping her meds just need tweaking.

My visit is coming rapidly to an end, and I’m ready to go home. I miss Sweetie, my critters and the moist clean air of the coast!

One thought on “Sister Reunion!

  1. OMG, when I read the intro for this post — in my email, before I even clicked over to the blog — my first thought was, “Yikes, didn’t some guy get killed on a greyhound?!” HA! Glad you’re having a good visit, and love to your mom!


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