I’m Back! Psychic Protection

(Butterflies in the interactive habitat at Science North, Sudbury, Ontario.)

Well kids, April has been a busy month. I’ve been back in Tofino for a week now, and it’s been all about decompressing from my travel and getting back to regular life. I’m greatly relieved to be back in Tofino, but also to have been to visit my mother and father, my awesome extended family and especially my sister. The plan is that I’ll return in early September.

So for now, I’m back! This is the first time I sat down to do a proper blog entry in nearly a month! It’s the first time I’ve sat down to do readings in nearly three weeks – Gah! I’ll be working on my reading list with new focus in the next few weeks, to catch up on those patient folks who’ve been on the list since February. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

This afternoon, Sweetie and I will be playing with the phone call recording equipment I picked up in Ontario. YAY! Hopefully, I’ll be able to record phone sessions soon – and, AND I’ll be able to start adding recorded phone conversations to the podcast! Yaaaaay!!! That opens up all sorts of possibilities. I have a few ideas for that arena, but again, it’s all about the balance of time, energy and creativity.

Speaking of creativity, guess who needed to be the first one to say hello to me when I returned from Ontario? Hint: He likes to make garbage smells. Yeah. That guy! Sweetie had worked so hard to make the house all nice and clean for my return; when I got home, I kept looking for the garbage smell. The trash was empty, it wasn’t coming from the fridge, not the freezer either. I clued in when Sweetie and my guest swore up and down they couldn’t smell it. Ah. Phantom garbage smells, that’s Erik’s calling card.

The next blog entry will probably be working with Erik, and I’ve missed him. I didn’t do any “psychic stuff” of any kind while I was gone, due to the necessity of me being with the living humans, myself included. There is also a ton of psychic noise in airports, in malls, even in busy households. You let one voice in, you let ’em all in.

I learned a few new things about psychic protection while I was gone, and thought I’d share these tricks with you:

I’ve been actively practicing various levels of psychic protection for about a decade now. The more you work with it, the more you learn. The greater the need, the more help you get – if you ask. With the development teleclass, I talked about avoidance as a valid protection strategy, however, when avoidance is not possible and the pressure is building up, new methods of protection will present themselves to you… again, if you ask.

The methods I’ve been using involve putting active personal energy into them. I like to use visual tools, and one of them is sucking my awareness and energy field into myself – gathering up the parts of my consciousness from the furthest reaches of the universe (because our energy really does like to wander across time and space) – sucking it all into my body until the energy field just above my skin is impenetrably dense, like diamond. This worked wonders in the airport.

However, after a week of living in a situation that required near-constant psychic protection, I was just getting worn out. I asked for help. A few hours later, Sweetie told me about a different method she’d been shown in meditation: allowing your body to become a clear river of water, constantly flowing, and as the need for protection increases, allow the light from heaven to shine into the water of your body. The light is refracted through the flowing water, and it washes anything you don’t want or need into the earth, without effort.

For me, this worked beautifully. It was something I could do passively, without effort. The energy of the protection wasn’t coming from me, it was coming from heaven or god or the universe. It was coming from the unlimited source of light, and it feels like being cradled in hands that are infinity strong and gentle. This is my new method of protection, and I encourage y’all to try it on to see if you like it too.

There you go – see, when I travel, I like to bring a present back to for my friends. Thank you for reading!


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