Podcast Episode 4, take 2!


Okay, thank you all for your patience… as I write this entry I’m posting the properly-edited version of Epidode 4 of the Joyful Telepathy podcast!

So hopefully this one will stick.

I have also figured out how to get this podcast feeding on to my ipod touch, so I’ll share this little discovery in case any one else out there is as tech-impaired as I:

Step one:  Go to your podcast app – if you have an ipod touch, ipad, iphone etc., the apple podcast app will probably be what you’re using to listen to podcasts.

Now, you are probably used to subscribing to podcasts through the apple itunes store.  So am I!  Until we figure out how to get the podcast into the itunes store, you can just subscribe directly to the podcast by following these steps:

1.  When you’re in the Podcasts app and viewing your podcasts, there’s a black bar at the top of the window with a Search field to the right.  Found it?  Good!

2.  Type this into the search field:  http://katesitka.podbean.com/feed/

3.  Tap on Search. A dialog will display asking if you want to subscribe to the podcast. Tap Subscribe to add it to your podcasts.

4.  You may need to click on “add old episodes” to access the podcasts I’ve posted in the past, but all new podcasts from this day forward will now appear on your ipod.  Hurray!

Is this too complicated?  You can easily listen to the podcast by clicking on this link:


Thank you for listening!


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