Podcast Episode 5 is up!


I PROMISE I will get on to a schedule soon with the podcasting – once a week, on Tuesdays is the goal.  For now, I’m still learning editing techniques (and anxious to try them out – check out the new sound quality!  No more background hiss!)

As long as I’m still learning the podcasting basics, I’m hesitant to commit to a schedule that has little wiggle room for technical difficulties… and I’m still working on the new tofinopsychic.com website… and of course, doing readings.

I figured I’d post this one right away, since I offered you guys almost *nothing* in the month of April.  Consider it a bonus!

In the podcast I talk about this crazy-crap dream I had last night.  I’d totally be blogging about it if it wasn’t easier and faster to podcast.  You’ll just have to click on the link to listen:


or get the feed on to your ipod by searching for this: http://katesitka.podbean.com/feed/ in the search field of your podcast app.

Oh yeah, I’m still following up with the technical issues of getting the podcast on to itunes so you can just search “kate sitka” or “tofino psychic” or “psychic” or “animal communication” or “pet psychic” to find it.  You get the idea.  If anyone has any helpful articles to link, I would love it if you’d post them in the comments or email them to me (tofinopsychic@gmail.com)

And now, it is2 25C outside and GORGEOUS.  I’m going outside!

Love to you all, Kate


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