I get by with a little help from my friends

I’m hesitant to ask, because you guys have *already* helped me so much.

Here’s the thing: there are two technical issues I’m having difficulty with, and have been struggling with for nearly a year, that could be solved with the purchase of some new equipment. My conflict is that every dollar and dime I currently have “to spare” is going into my “Visit Mom Fund”, with the exception of the absolutely necessary purchase of a second-hand laptop.

First Issue: Recording phone calls. I have the phone adaptor, and thought I could run an audio cable from my portable phone into the computer, and run audacity to record the call. It turns out, that’s a risky plan A. It would be much better to have this external recorder.

That’s priority #1, because I know many of you who’ve had readings with me have rigged up devices to record the call on your end. That’s ridiculous, come on! I really do need to up my game and offer recordings of calls.

Priority #2 relates to the podcast:

The purpose of the podcast is to provide free, positive and entertaining learning opportunities on the subjects of mediumship and animal communication which includes stories, interviews, listener feedback and a regular “ghosts in history!” feature.

I’ve hit a wall in terms of the quality of sound I can produce with my entry-level skype headset. The *vast* majority of podcasts and live radio shows in the genre of telepathic communication and mediumship are hosted on blog talk radio, where the audio quality is so poor that many people find it unlistenable. I know this because I’ve recommended blog talk podcasts to my friends and they’ve told me as much.

So while I think I’m already producing a better sound than I could achieve with blogtalk, and I have considered simply being content with that, I am aware of the pops and hisses that happen in the recording when I say “s” “t” or laugh at myself (which I do quite a bit.) This can be very annoying to listen to, and it affects the listeners’ over-all perception of me.

I would LOVE to invest in a decent external mic, a stand which allows me to do the podcast standing UP rather than crouching over the mic, and a pop filter (which I could make out of a hanger and pantyhose if it came to that, but that would be a pain.)

I’ve added all of these items to my amazon wish list, in case anyone who enjoys the blog and the budding podcast would like to help sponsor the equipment that will help me provide better quality recordings to clients, and better free material for you wonderful people.


You guys are amazing. Please know I am so grateful to you all just for reading the blog and listening to the podcast.

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