I can feel the awesome!

I’m totally stoked. This morning, I was thinking about how lucky I am, and how so much awesomeness in my life is from you guys, blog readers.

Without you, there would be no blog. There would be no podcast and there would be no wait list for readings. In just a few short years, you have changed my life.

I am and always will be truly grateful.

Thank you.

I checked out the blog stats and I was *shocked* at how much the readership here has grown. Welcome new readers! I am so grateful for you all! These growing numbers keep me motivated, inspire me and give me the guts to try new things, like the podcast.

The podcast is *almost* out of the beta phase. Right now, I assume that the 25 – 50 plays that have so far happened for each episode are *all* blog readers, because I don’t think I’ve told anyone else about the podcast. WOW. There are very popular podcasts out there that took a YEAR to get up to 50 listens per episode. You guys make me want to up my game.

And you make it possible for me to up my game.

This week I’ll be recording episode #7, and we’ll be discussing TINY DOGS! If anyone has questions about tiny dogs, please feel free to comment or email me tofinopsychic and I’ll answer you on the podcast.

I have purchased joyfultelepathy.com which will be the home domain of the podcast, so heads up if you’re already subscribed to the Joyful Telepathy podcast, because the feed will change. If you notice in the next couple of weeks that the feed isn’t updating, just delete your subscription, search for Joyful Telepathy in itunes, and re-subscribe.

You may need to close and re-start itunes if this doesn’t work the first time.

This is why we’re still on the beta version, people. I knew when I took the plunge there’d be adjustments along the way… but I think I’m at the point where I can commit to a regular schedule, and start actually spreading the word.

Speaking of iTunes – I’m in itunes! As of this morning! We need to re-do the image as it’s not coming up in itunes yet, and we’ll need to update the feed with itunes once we point the domain at the podcast – BUT! We’re very close to pulling it all together.

I’m so damn happy. So grateful. The awesomeness… I can feel it.

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