It’s the broken link Easter Egg hunt!


Guess what? is now pointing at my NEW fancy professional website.  Please check it out!!

The downside is: this has probably broken most, if not ALL of the links on this site.  I’m going to go through and fix a few of the ones I remember, like the one in the intro post, and I think I have a link to testimonials somewhere…  I could really use some help.  If you guys felt like clicking around the above tabs / pages, and through the stickie posts just to test those links, and please post in the comments here so I can chase them down? 

It would be sad if a new reader couldn’t figure out how to contact me. 

In other broken link news:  The podcast now has it’s own domain!  Look at me, learning about tech stuff.  Well, I learned how to write emails to tech support.  The podcast now lives at:

neat eh?  I’m still working on getting the default rss feed changed, so you may need to re-subscribe to the podcast, if you’re following in itunes.

And OH YEAH!  I’m in ITUNES!  YAY!  You can now find the podcast by searching for joyful telepathy, or for kate sitka.

I’m still figuring out how to make a button you can click that will bring you directly to my podcast’s page in itunes to make it even easier to subscribe.

Let the broken link hunt… BEGIN!


2 thoughts on “It’s the broken link Easter Egg hunt!

  1. There weren’t that many so I hope you don’t mind that I corrected a couple, and changed the ones that have no comparable page on the new site to just point to the home page.

    One thing: a couple of the links within your new site specifically point to pages instead of pages. Yes, they redirect fine, but you might want to go in and just clean those up so that everything points to


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