Holy Baptism Batman!

Sweetie just sent me this link:


I read that post and had a major brainwave, which clicked into place with the new-to-me method of psychic protection where I see my body as flowing water, illuminated by light. This method replaced my old methods which required a conscious effort on my part (and left me exhausted in situations where I needed to maintain this protection for weeks at a time.) The illuminated water-body method was much better for me.

And now, how amazing is this??? Reading the above post was pretty funny – a Buddhist monk talking about getting “high” on energy. But it also clicked a missing puzzle piece into place:

When you are surrounded with energy or a situation that “brings you down”, you can passively transmute that energy, and “get high” from it, have that bring you up. This also helps to heal the environment, and helps to shift and release “down” energy being held by another person.

Some people really lock on to “down” energy, that becomes their reality. It can be hard to be around someone who’s locked into a negative / down frame of mind. It can even inspire anger or frustration with that person who’s harshing your energy buzz.

Just like the light shines of the outstretched leaves of a plant, that exchange of energy (the evaporation of water off the leaves) draws new water up through the roots in a passive manner that is effortless and natural for the plant. The nutrients in the compost are drawn up in the water, transformed within the plant and released into the air as oxygen that nourishes us all.

I think I might ask Erik about this, see what he has to say. Any questions about managing “down energy” for Erik while I’m at it?

Love to you all.

One thought on “Holy Baptism Batman!

  1. yes! thank you for asking! what are some ways we can protect ourselves from being affected negative energy…like if you know you’ve got to spend time around a “down” person and can’t get around it. is it really as easy as dam rass makes it out to be: “oh look, this person is spewing hatred- i’ll use that to get high!”

    further, is the practice of tonglen sufficient for helping those down folks? any advise for trying to help them manage their negative energy?

    thanks to you and erik!


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