Ep 8! Street smarts and survival tips for the sensitive!

Joyful Telepathy Episode 8 is up! 

Click here to listen!

This is really an expansion on the last blog post.  Hope you enjoy it!

As well, it’s social media madness, here in the Kate Sitka home office.  I’m trying out Buffer to manage my social media goings-on, so hopefully I’ll be doing a better job of letting you know when I post something new in any of the three places that I post things (Channeling Erik guest posts, this blog or Joyful Telepathy podcast episodes.)  It seems to be easier to use than hootsuite, and if it’s simple enough, I’ll use it regularly! 

In case you didn’t already know about it, I *do* have a page for my professional facebooking

And I do *intend* to utilize my twitter account more frequently, so if you’re more of a twitter bug, you can follow me here

That’s it for now!

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