Ep 9! Oversouls & Queen Elizabeth I


Pinkylongstocking – you asked for it, you got it!  Queen Elizabeth the 1st chimes in for this podcast, listen to hear what she has to say!  Thank you for the suggestion, you rock!

Click here to listen!

(This is the first time I’m scheduling this post for the future, rather than posting it *after* I publish the podcast, so just in case the above link doesn’t work, just go to joyfultelepathy.com and episode 9 will be at the top.)

Queen E has a special place in my memory because my mother likes to imitate her.  Frequently.  Particularly, while I’m on the phone.

As a teenager, while I was doing my job of tying up the phone line for hours on end (practice for being a psychic, I think!) my mother would pick up the extension in her best Imperial Voice:  “Would the princess kindly proceed to the Grand Dining Hall, dinner will be wild boar.”  or “Would the princess please walk the Royal Schnauzer before she soils the priceless antique textiles?”

Queen Elizabeth I the consciousness did *not* sound like my mother’s imitation!

In this episode, I go into the idea of oversouls, and how they differentiate from hive minds and our own higher selves – and I give a few juicy examples from my own life and examples from other animal communicators.

I have a special request:  What do you guys think I should ask the HUMAN oversoul???



8 thoughts on “Ep 9! Oversouls & Queen Elizabeth I

  1. That’s awesome, Kate! I loved it 😀 I always wondered about QE1 being misportrayed as more stern than feminine, via all those paintings of her. She was actually quite witty/clever & loved music&dance as well. She was charming & charismatic. I also wondered about her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary ended up being beheaded on what were reported as Queen Elizabeth’s orders & I always thought she lamented such an outcome. I admire her strength & ability to rule as a badass woman on her own while men tried (& thankfully failed) to plot against her. Proving to the world that women can & do rule, literally. The giant male ego needed some deflating (& still does) Thank you for talking to her. Pure respect for Her Majesty. & you too 🙂

    That’s really interesting about the oversouls, higher selves & hive minds as well. I’d love to get in touch with my higher self and have her point out which road in life to take. I could use such guidance. It’s brilliant that you spoke to cockroaches & sent them packing that way. I’ve dealt with infestations & it seemed like there no was stopping the little buggers. & I have to think of a good question for the oversoul of mankind at large. Perhaps something along the lines of why violence is still deemed necessary. The results of the past have shown us that bloodspill solves nothing in the long run & tends to generate more hate & rage & sadness, so why can’t we all just give peace a chance? It’s high time for some peaceful solutions. If killing cockroaches still doesn’t put an end to them, but peaceful dialogue works between human & insect, why can’t it work between human & human? It’s why I prefer peaceful, hippieish “make love, not war” bonobos over their violent cousin chimpanzees who kill each for power. Chimps are too close to mankind for comfort in that regard. Bonobos are also a matriarchal society whereas chimps are patriarchal, so that makes one think too…When ladies rule, less violence abounds.

    Peace&love need to become more popular. That’s a mindset I’d love for us all to universally develop. I’m all for spreading the love in my own small way ^_^

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    • Really??? I had *no idea* the bonobos were so different from the chimpanzees and gorillas. I had no idea they had matriarchs.

      I recently read that although wolves were assumed to be directed by the lead male, there’s now evidence that it’s the lead female doing the delegating when it comes to hunting and raising pups, depending upon the culture of the population being studied. Animal behavior can be as complex as human behavior.

      Awesome suggestion: why is violence still necessary?

      Thank you!

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      • I wish I could find the video I watched in an anthropology class a few years ago about bonobos. Really interesting stuff. They also share food with strangers from other tribes, thus becoming friends & occasionally extending their own social group. Sharing beats killing one another over fallen fruit, chimp style, proving that peaceful ways are a natural instinct for some creatures.

        That’s rad about the wolves! I love wolves and their mysterious ways. Complex behavior indeed. Lionesses tend to be the hunters of the pride so it just goes to show that females can rule & take care of business in all species (but you & I as females both know that already ^_^ )


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