Ep 10! Your Telepathic Diet… and Orcas!


I’ve definitely blogged about diet before, and I get into more detail in this episode of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast:


In case that doesn’t work (because I’m posting this in advance and I can’t test it before the episode is live) just go here:


I’ve also included some juicy did-you-knows about Orcas, one of my favorite predators.  Here’s a link to the video I reference in the podcast:


Here’s the official show description:

Food affects… everything!  It is at the core of our physical, cultural and emotional well being.  But did you know that your diet can impact your telepathic abilities?  Kate discusses her own adventures in food!

And orcas!  Did you know that orcas have a food culture too?  Find out how food and culture affects this magnificent cetacean’s ability to communicate with other members of her own species!  (Above is a photo of Lolita, one of the Orcas I talk about as a proposed candidate for release back into the wild, and all the challenges surrounding this idea, all based on food and orca culture.  Here is a safe-for-sensitives article about Lolita. )

Hey, and if you guys are enjoying the podcast, I would be so grateful if you could give it a rating in itunes.  This will help other people to find me when they go looking for content like what we cover here, and it’ll help bring new people into our lovely little community.

Here’s a link that will make it easy for you!  Click “view in itunes” and it will open itunes for you, then you can just click on as many stars as you feel like giving me.  Thank you so much!


PS:  Gail Single – I gave you a shout-out!  Thanks for being awesome!



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