Launch Party! Tue Jul 1 6pm!

Hi All! Well, the Joyful Telepathy Podcast is officially on a roll! I’m consistently posting a new episode every Tuesday, I have a good dozen episodes planned for the future, AND my wonderful family and beautiful friends have provided me with the necessary equipment to keep this thing going!

So I’m officially ready to LAUNCH the JOYFUL TELEPATHY PODCAST! WOOOO!

Would you like to come to my launch party? I thought so!

Check it out, the scene is set for this Tuesday at 6pm Pacific time to celebrate episode 11 and beyond!


Every Tuesday evening at 6 pm Pacific time, I’ll be in the Joyful Telepathy community LIVE to chat and answer any / all questions you have about the podcast. I’m hoping this will become a weekly gathering where we can discuss this week’s podcast, and where people can ask questions (and look up conversations) about past podcast episodes.

It’s like a twitter chat, but it won’t disappear in your timeline.

It’s a Google Plus community, and I know that over 100 of you have google email addresses – I’ve already added you to my “friend circle”. I just joined google+ a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It’s all the things I loved about the original facebook and craigslist forums combined. I would love for you to join me over there too. It is a “private” community which was a request of many people in the first joyful telepathy face book group.

Join the community ASAP so I can let you in and feel free to introduce yourself! Remember to bring your virtual champagne and cookies on Tuesday!

Not only is it free, but I’m so impressed with the functionality of google plus. I could potentially set up classes and video chats in the future. Wouldn’t that be cool? So join us over in the Joyful Telepathy Community, and we’ll get our happy weird-on together J

See you there on Tuesday!!!

(I’m paranoid about hyperlinks breaking, so here’s the URL:

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