4 thoughts on “Woo hoo! 10 people so far!

  1. Oh, rats. I missed it! Crazy storms here late Monday night knocked our power out for the day and it wasn’t turned on until yesterday evening. I forgot all about it. It would be fun to do another Google hangout. How did it go?


    • Great! We had a neat conversation about past lives. I see you joined – feel free to comment, I usually check messages daily. I’ll do this every Tuesday too – maybe you can join us for the next one!


  2. I’d love to join the community, but I just don’t do (and don’t want to do) Google+. Out of curiousity, what made you pick that as your community platform?


    • I picked it because I honestly love using it. It has all of the things I love and miss about livejournal and the Craigslist forums. I’d completely drop Facebook in favour of it, but of course that’s silly. Most people are on Facebook, but I just didn’t like the way my Facebook community operated – it felt really restrictive, and in general I find Facebook frustrating.

      I liked the *original* Facebook, durn it!


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