Ep 12. Rescue Dogs Rule!

Kate Sitka HappytheDog

Woo hoo!  I totally managed to upload a new episode this week.  Good for me!!!

Here it is:  www.joyfultelepathy.com/e/12-8-reasons-adult-rescue-dogs-are-better-than-puppies-from-a-breeder/

A special thank you to my podcast sponsor angels, who have stuck with me even though my wish list was addressed incorrectly and sent back… which is why I’m still struggling with the tech side of things.  Sheesh!  Do I get to blame Mercury for being in retrograde?  Sigh.

Anyway, we shall overcome!

This week:  8 reasons adult rescue dogs are better than puppies from a breeder!

I’ve actually had all sorts of dogs.  My first dog was a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder, named Sheba.  I was six or seven years old when we adopted her… unfortunately, my parents had to rehome Sheba a year later, for reasons I cover in this podcast!

I’ve also been the person on the other end:  when I adopted Happy, HE was one year old, and proving to be too much for HIS human family.  So many people make this mistake!  Listen to this episode and learn how to avoid the most common reason 1 yr old dogs end up at the SPCA.

Heidi, my first animal communication teacher, was my second dog.  She was four months old when we adopted her from her breeder, and we stayed in touch with her breeder for her whole life.  It was a good thing too, because Heidi passed away prematurely from a brain lesion, and we learned that Heidi’s mother and one of her sisters had passed away from the same thing.  Because he was an ethical breeder who really wanted to improve the Standard Schnauzer type, he was devastated he’d inadvertently perpetuated a serious genetic flaw and got out of dog breeding after that.  Let it be known:  there is no way to avoid potential genetic issues in purebred dogs – not even a fancy hybrid cross!  (Don’t fall for that scam!)

Mocha, my third dog and first dog as an adult I adopted at 4 years old from a rescue.  Even though she’d lived the first few years of her life in a back yard, and had been left tied outside the SPCA at night to watch her owners drive away forever, she was the easiest, lowest-maintenance dog I’ve had to date.  And I’m including my beautiful and wise Happy Pup.  I love him, but he’s not easy!

I hope you enjoy today’s episode.  Remember!  We’ll be having a Q & A and discussion at 6pm PST in the Joyful Telepathy G+ Community!  Click on the image in the sidebar to take you there!  (Or click this link)



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