Holy crap!

I have been so focused on family stuff, friend stuff, client stuff and blog / podcast stuff since January that I haven’t even glanced at the stats for psychicintraining.com in months.

I just did.

WOW! Holy moly – I’m so amazed all you wonderful people are reading the blog! I have 260 email subscribers! That’s INCREDIBLE! The last time I looked I had 13. INCLUDING MYSELF!

Holy moly. Did you know that I frequently have over 200 visitors a DAY here? OMG! It’s not like I’m even posting on a daily basis – I’m seriously winging it here, people.

So I feel blessed and enormously humbled that this blog – which I started back in 2011 as a completely anonomous hiding place for all the weirdness in my life – has become this thing where hundreds of people check in all the time and seem to enjoy what they see. Because they keep coming back!

Thank you for reading. Just… thanks. I love you guys.

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