Thank you!

My gratitude runners over: it’s time for an extra-special thank you post:

Thank you to all my blog friends. Thank you beautiful people who have commented, emailed and extended friendship and support to me from the very beginning.

Thank you to all my new blog friends. I see you in the numbers, I visit your blogs too.

Thank you to the 40 people who followed the blog yesterday – yes, 40 new people signed up for email notifications whenever I post. That’s a new record! Thank you for granting me previous space in your inbox!

Thank you to the 50-100 regular listeners of the Joyful Telepathy podcast. I just realized I’m assuming you all are blog readers too – but maybe not! I’d better post a special thank you on the podcast this Tuesday.

Thank you to all of you who have booked readings with me. Thank you for your patience on the reading list, thank you for your open minds and hearts during readings. You make me braver and stronger.

Thank you to everyone who has donated – last year for the animal rescue fundraiser, and this year to my “Visit Mom” fund. I couldn’t do it without you.

All you beautiful people remind me that the Universe really does have my back – each one of you is a shiny star sparkling with encouragement and support. Every blog comment, every email, every click on a blog page truly fills me with wonder and gratitude.

Even if you are the mystery person who discovers the blog and clicks on pages and pages of posts from Christmas past, I see your journey through the archives and I know you’re not a bot, but someone real and connected. Someone out there who found me.

Thank you all. You guys are amazing!

One thought on “Thank you!

  1. Just can’t resist this ……. I have found you ……. it’s true, I am not a “bot” …… not especially mysterious …… glad we are friends …… am sure I am just one of many.


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