11 thoughts on “Cross Post: The Chillies

  1. OMG, apparently the RHCP boys get around to visiting the ladies in dream realms as well as real life. I’ve had various members of their band appear in numerous dreams. & without having to contact any publicist. Just like with Nirvana, I knew very little about both bands until these nighttime visits from rock stars. Innocent visits, I assure you. I know how that sounded….I’ve only done research afterwards, out of pure curiosity. I wonder what it means? Little Sunny spotted me at a Peps show a few years ago and smiled from the stage, with her huge blue eyes. Maybe because I’m tall and stood out, so I smiled right back, but it wasn’t until later that I realized she was Flea’s daughter. I think she’s a pretty special child.

    Maybe Nirvana and the Chili Peppers are modern day Light workers, for Gen X and people who can really relate to their tunes or life experiences of the band members. The Beatles and Bob Marley seemed to be prophets of peace and love back in their day, with their powerful positive messages still going strong, so maybe Nirvana and RHCP are musical messengers for this era. They certainly have positively affected many people. Interesting….& quite intriguing.

    Kate, I wanted to thank you again for yet another fabulous reading! Things seem to be constantly getting brighter and it’s always super reassuring to know that somebody (or several somebodies) up there love you. Thanks for being a positive messenger in your own right ^_^


    • I thought you might chime in on this one! Have you Internet-met the blog author Oktobre yet? We’ve followed each other for ages on Facebook and I enjoy her stuff.

      You are most welcome. I’m so happy for you!


      • I haven’t met Oktobre yet, but it’s rather reassuring to know there are others out there having similar experiences. Others who seem to be in touch with something cosmic and who don’t happen to have these band members plastered upon their walls. Still a bit mind boggling though. I mean, the Chilli Peppers…Light workers with strategically placed socks. Goes to show that one never can tell, nor should one judge.

        & I do so hope you do some more Celebrity Fridays again! I love John’s wit & cleverness, George’s deep & loving wisdom and Bob’s energy seems like a ray of sunlight and his positivity always makes me smile & gives me hope. Just like his music, actually. They all had some brilliant insight when alive, I can’t imagine all the good stuff they’re tapped into these days. I bet the music in Heaven sounds indescribably beautiful….


    • Very cool that I am not the only one. This is my one and only RHCP dream. I blame it on the fact that River Phoenix is one of my spirit guides and he and Flea were best friends. From what I have been able to discover, Flea seems to be a pretty spiritual guy. I know there is something to this dream appearance, but I am not sure what yet. The dream would indicate an “event” was about to happen and somehow it has a chain effect. My own daughter sometimes hears spirit and I consider her to be pretty special as well. At the age of two she was telling us she used to be an astronaut and a whale in her past lives.

      This is the blog post about how I found out that River was one of my guides:


      • Hi Oktobre, nice to meet you, so to speak ^_^

        That’s very cool that you have River as a guide and that he has helped you in discovering your life purpose. I’m still trying to discover mine, but I do feel it is being in service of some kind. Hopefully my guides will help me with a few more details in that area…*hinthint* to my lovely winged invisible allies ;D

        Flea is apparently quite spiritual, very loving and super empathetic. A pretty zen dude all around. His name on Twitter is Flea333, and I used to have 333 on my first email address when I was 14. It’s one of my favourite number combinations. Hmm..I wonder if perhaps similarities that touch on a soul level are why we have the guides we do. Or perhaps we know them from previous existences. I can see how it would be easier for them to contact people that know little about them as opposed to those who may start freaking out and fan-girling all over the place. I’d love to discover more about why this is all happening.

        I guess we have to wait and see. I do love getting all the signs and synchronicities. I think the spirits have fun speaking to us that way as well. It’s certainly fun to trip on and I think sometimes the spirit folk must laugh at what must be occasionally comical reactions from us when all the crazy signs do happen. I love it :]

        Best to you and your magical sounding daughter. I hope you make even more amazing spiritual discoveries ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I can’t see a reply button on your post, pinkylongstocking. My life purpose I am still trying to figure out, to be honest. lol And as for the numbers, I should look at flea’s birth date and figure out what life path he is. I have found that many of the people I gravitate toward are a life path 33/6 like me. 33/6 is the number of spiritual teachers. I mean, often we do it without even realizing it. Maybe Flea does it through his music and through a vibration. What I have taken that part of the dream to mean at this point is just a “hey heads up! Pay attention!” kind of thing.

    So now I notice little syncs like the picture someone shared with a dragon and a little girl that said, …so she said to the Dragon, “It’s okay, they don’t understand me either”. And then I clicked on the person’s name to find out more about her. She is just an average everyday person like you and me and this thing she added to the picture that resonated so much with me “just came to her.” On her profile, the last song that was listed that she had listened to was….*drum roll*…Red Hot Chili Peppers “Walkabout” on Spotify. LOL So it is those bread crumbs I am expecting the universe to want me to follow. I liked the saying and the photo but it suddenly made a bell go off when I saw the RHCP connection and I sat up and thought, “Oh, this is for me. I need to pay attention.”

    “Meeting” you is probably part the the series of dominoes in this line leading me to something else. I just can’t be sure of what yet. Do you have a blog where you talk about your dreams? I would be interested in reading about your dreams that involved the RHCP.


    • HI again Oktobre,

      You can call me Sally ๐Ÿ™‚ and I don’t have a public place where I’ve posted my Chili Peppers dreams, but I can tell you of my most recent one. I took it as a sign that I should indeed contact you after River’s face popped up a few places, not to mention a blue feather in my path the other day…

      The most recent dream features his good pal Flea and a young Anthony, with the long hair of his sock-wearing heyday. My friend and I, who has a seriously deep connection to the Peps, were sitting in this circle of people, with Flea and AK sitting cross legged across from us. As it is each time Anthony is in my dream, he was trying to figure out what was going on via telepathy. He seems to be a great mind reader, both in dreams and real life, perhaps due to being a Scorpio and a naturally powerful presence. I’ve found myself putting up a few walls to prevent him from delving too deep. In this dream, he was unsure of the surroundings as there was some pseudo-shamanistic guy trying to sort of preach to us all and Anthony seemed to be mentally gauging him for BS. Flea took to almost mocking him, because suddenly he appeared standing in front of me in this really costumey dark blue magician/wizard robe with plastic jewels on the trim and matching pointy hat. He comically and dramatically flung back his robe and opened his hands to reveal he had nothing, then pulled out this life-size blue crystal skull and handed it to me with much decorum. Despite his theatrics (he was having fun at the other guy’s expense, but not cruelly) I knew he was handing me an object of great power. I’m still trying to figure out why. I know crystal skulls have a history of being powerful, but still am not too sure as to how it fits in my life. The skull Flea handed me looked a bit like this one, but had more pink to it and the opening was in the back of it:

      I’d be happy to share some more of the dreams where the Peppers guest star, if perhaps you’d like to swap email addresses. Or perhaps I can contact you via your blog? If you do end up studying Flea’s life path, I’d love to see what you come up with. I’d love to discover what all these cosmic connections mean ๐Ÿ™‚


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