Glamour shots wanted!

The apostrophe is broken on my keyboard right now… so I will do this blog entry without using any contractions!

Okay, so check it out:

hank kate sitka tofino psychic animal communicator

Happy kate sitka animal communicator

mocha kate sitka psychic animal communicator

I would like to make MORE of these so I can give them to friends to share around.   Yes, these pets really did say these things!

I am on the hunt for cute, beautiful and funny pet photos that I have permission to share around.  Maybe you have one or two you would like to share?

I would really appreciate it!  Please email your glamour shots to with a message to the effect of *yes you have permission to share this photo*

I will post all finished photos here on the blog, and probably on an image sharing page on  As well, please grab these images and share them around – I would be so grateful for the help in getting the word out there!  You can right-click and save, or you can click and open the image in another tab, and then use that URL to share the photo around.

Thanks so much you guys – I can use all the help you are willing to share with me.

Love, Kate




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