Group Pet Reading! Just a few spots left!

pumpkin kate sitka pet psychic small500

Hey Everyone!  The group pet reading is a go and there’s still some room for a few more people!  We can talk to your pets, whether they are alive and with you now *and* we can also talk to those who have crossed over!

I’ve made this cute promo page with all the details, *and* I even embedded the player for the podcast episode 13: surprising things animals say!

Someone needs to pat me on the back for that one, because I can’t seem to imbed the player in wordpress!  (I love weebly!)

I’ve made it the landing page of my professional website, check it out!

I would really appreciate it if you guys would share this around, (give your friends a heads up, and you know, tell them how awesome I am!)  This is a great chance for new folks to access a pet reading with me at half the cost of an email reading!

Extra bonus:  You’ll be helping to feed this humble psychic as I travel to Ontario to visit my mother at the end of September!

Please share!  Thank you everyone!

(Thank you MB for the picture of Pumpkin!  Yes, he really did say this about his pet sitter!)



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