What do you think?

In a burst of creative energy, I decided to unite this blog with my professional website and use similar designs on both. Now I think I’m going to redo the blog header again to label this place “The Blog”. We’ll see when I get around to that!

I really like the changes, but I’ve reached that point where I can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

If you guys have a few minutes and feel like clicking around, would you mind checking out tofinopsychic.com and tell me if:

– There are any weird formatting errors like on the booking page where the group pet reading checkbox has merged two lines into one

– Whether you can easily read the font or if I should make it a darker grey

– Do all the links still work for everyone?

AND, on this blog, psychicintraining.com:

– What do you think of the sidebar? I pulled some of the links out of the top menu and put those pages on the sidebar (like my mother’s smiling photo, that’s such a great picture of her.)

– Do all the links on the photos work for everyone?

– Check out my social media links. I really like them. Do they work for everyone?

– Do you think I should link my facebook “Kate Sitka Psychic” page to the facebook link instead of my personal one? From a business point of view, this would make sense, but my thinking is if you find my personal page, you’ll find the business page, and most people are interested in connecting with me personally, as a friend, on facebook, rather than liking a business page.

OR I could make the facebook link go to another page where you can click to select which way you want to connect, and it would clearly show there’s a personal and a business page.

– Can everyone read the new font on this blog? I don’t want anyone straining their eyes.

I’m actually really excited about unifying effect of the font and colour tweaking. I think it looks better, less “I’m a high school student with a blog” and more “I’m an adult professional with a sense of humour.”

Oh and Lisa, I do plan on re-writing my book descriptions for all my favourite books, along with adding a bunch of new ones. Your wish is my command… you know, eventually.

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