This has been a theme in the past couple of weeks, with clients and in my own life. We all have so many obligations to do things *other* than what we truly want to do in that moment.

Dang it, sometimes you just need to do what you want. Sometimes, all this can mean is giving yourself a second to tap into what you want in that moment. When I remember to do this, a lot of the time all I want is something I can easily give myself: a latte, a minute in a quiet room, ten minutes outside.

Sometimes all we truly want in a given moment is something small and achievable.

We do like to get caught up in big picture things, right? Sweetie and I are working on our big picture plan right now. But it takes TIME to change a big picture. Months. Sometimes what you need is something small, right now.

When I ask my body what it wants, sometimes the reply is easy: a walk, a nap, a food. But when I ask my soul what it wants, the replies are bigger, scarier. Soul requests are often met with brain smack-downs. I can’t do that because. This is a place a lot of us know well, especially if you’re a Winger, like me. It seems like a lot of weight is placed upon these soul decisions.

The brain yells, the heart whispers.

I have, for months, been handling the idea of shifting into spirit medium & animal communication work full time. The implications are huge and scary. New blog readers might not even know I have a part-time job at the local hospital, because I haven’t written about it in a while. I like my job. But is it what my heart wants?

Yeah. I already know that answer.

I believe this is a common human experience, this negotiation with the brain, trying to get it on board with what the heart wants. Honestly, a lot of people *never* go with their heart. It’s a difficult habit to unlearn.

You know how you can unlearn it? Practice. If you can’t make the big changes right now, make a small one, in one moment. Do something you want. It doesn’t have to be big. Tomorrow, do something else you want. Feed yourself in little drops, and it’ll grow. Every little drop is validation; courage for your heart, nurturing this idea, not squashing it with anxiety and self-doubt.

Drip, drip, drip.

I hear you. I’m working on it.

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