Transformed, July 12, 2014

Lovely piece by blog member, Martipants.

Martipants' Blog

Tonight I was gifted the opportunity to go to an art show and dance performance focusing on stories of the transgendered.  I entered the studio in support of a friend and left transformed.

As I read the stories that inspired the artist’s pieces, I was in awe of the brave souls who came out, who spoke their truth, who shared their journeys of being confused and shunned and unloved and tortured and becoming the person on the outside that was always living on the inside.

Then my friend, Dani, performed a few pieces he created especially for the art show.  Before the performance, he talked about how nervous he was about getting it right, staying true to the stories, keeping integrity in his interpretation.  I tried to reassure him that his work always comes from his heart so he couldn’t get it wrong.

Watching the performance, I wept.  It was so…

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2 thoughts on “Transformed, July 12, 2014

  1. Oh Dear Kate! You are so kind to reblog my post! Thank you so much. This was truly a piece that meant so much to me and to my friends – straight, as well as LGBT. I hope your readers are equally moved. ❤


    • Yeah, I was moved by it. I had several trans friends in Toronto and I took Sweetie to a trans bar for our second date! Trans folk continue to be marginalized and these stories are super-important.

      Thank you for writing it.


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