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robin williams


On the Happiness entry, Phoggy posted a link to a youtube video she enjoyed of a channeling of Robin Williams.   I haven’t listened to it yet, and I’m going to wait quite a while, which I prefer to do after someone (anyone!) dies.

I do this for a few reasons.


  1. I prefer not to be the target of accusations that I’m capitalizing on someone’s death.  And honestly, I’d have to look closely at my personal motivations if my first impulse was to try to get someone famous who had *just* died.


  1. I want to create a great circle of respect for the family and friends. Every time someone famous dies, there’s a big flurry of psychics posting channelings.  Some of them are bound to be fake, and how crappy would it be as a surviving family member to see frauds promoting themselves on the coffin of your family or friend?


  1. I prefer not to duplicate the work of others. I would rather wait a year and shine a new light on the ideas surrounding a person after their death.  You can see things better if you let the dust settle.


  1. Although there is no limit to the number of people a spirit can potentially speak with at one time, the weeks and months following their death are extremely busy times for spirit beings. Everyone is knocking on that door.  A medium is more likely to tap into what other mediums have channeled previously during this high-traffic time.  It’s almost easier to channel the channelings, or play the recorded message, than to get through all the chaotic thoughts surrounding this being and get to the actual heart of things.  It’s like picking up on a re-run than finding a new episode.

Besides, I’m sure he’s having a beer with George Carlin and other greats, and I’d hate to interrupt!

So I won’t go ask for Robin Williams any time soon, although I’d like to in a few years.  I actually saw him perform live in a small club on Church St. in Toronto, where he popped in to work out his new material.  It was *incredibly* raunchy.  It was awesome for me, but it sucked for my friend (who was performing) because he had to *follow ROBIN WILLIAMS*!   Poor guy, everyone was on a Robin high and no one would listen to his act!

So instead of Robin, I’ll go back to my list of folks who passed a year or two ago and see who’d like to chat.



17 thoughts on “The Robin Williams thing

  1. I think it’s a segment from a radio call in show by some listener request to the medium. I found it on the Channeling Erik Facebook page someone had linked to it. Of course I was skeptical about it before I clicked on it, and I can’t know for sure if it is REALLY Robin Williams, but I was getting the “Good Will Hunting” (that scene where he tells Matt Damon he’s just a damn kid) type of vibe from the message and I was so moved by his words I was in tears. I am a guy who is not easily moved to tears and this made me feel better about his death. I had been upset about it and not wanting to watch his movies again because I didn’t know if I would ever feel right again, but this message made that feeling go away. I felt like Robin was saying to me that it was ok to watch his movies and still laugh just as much as I had laughed before and not feel awkward about how he died because he said he didn’t want us all to think he was sad all the time, but that the sadness came in waves, and the joy you can feel from him in those funny moments in his movies was genuine. The message was like his gift to me releasing me from feeling like a part of my favorite childhood memories was forever now tainted by the sorrowful circumstances of his death. I had felt that way, but not anymore. After I had heard his message I felt at peace about his death. Then an unusual thing happened. We have a two year old son with this little ride on truck and it has a turn signal on it and while I was sitting there all grateful for hearing Robin’s message the noise started clicking on the toy with no explanation for it because I was alone in the room and nowhere near it. I felt like that was a little wink of the eye from Robin to say, “that’s all right, carry on good buddy. And keep laughing for the little one’s sake!” 😉


    • Awww, that’s really sweet! Thank you Phoggy 🙂

      I think that our bodies like to make years to tell us the truth – yes, this does really matter to me, yes this is my truth, yes this is real.

      For me, I often rely on tears as validation when one of my pets come to visit. I can’t have room to wonder if they’re really here because my whole body knows it!

      Thank you again 🙂


      • There’s a story in the Bible between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. She was sitting by a well fetching water and he was telling about how when she drinks of that water she will be thirsty again, but the water he gives (Truth) would come from a Living Spring and whoever drinks of it would never become thirsty again. Sometimes I symbolically consider tears of happiness to be drops of water from the Living Spring of Truth, because they only come when something touches you profoundly. It’s the sweetest drink of water you can get!


  2. I’ve grown up with seeing Robin as an entertainer but had never really been attached to him – although I much preferred his performances in his more human, non-slapstick roles (e.g. Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come).

    But I had a dream of him the other morning in which we were having coffee and he told me to “keep shining the light.” And then I think he spoke to me yesterday and I kept seeing him in my mind’s eye in his Mork from Ork costume. This surprised me as I wasn’t really expecting it.

    How do you know if it’s really a conversation with them, or if it’s just symbolic or your imagination remembering their “celebrity persona?”

    And, if it is really them, I wonder why celebrities choose us to speak to if we’re not intentionally reaching out to them (or maybe we are subconsciously)?


    • THAT is the million dollar question.

      I have a theory:

      There is a network, multiple networks. Once you get in with one, (Erik, John, George, Kurt) the word gets out. It’s like you’re on a cosmic Rolodex, and when they (the spirits) are interested in getting a message across in a big way, they access the people on the Rolodex.

      Why do they talk to us at all?

      To be a catalyst, I think. They’re invested in earth, in the incarnated people, they’re invested in being understood.

      And sometimes it just nice to have someone to talk to.

      Someone says, “what do you think spirits do all day, watch people shit on the pot?”

      How do you know it’s really them? Ask them to help you be convinced. You’ll notice the coincidences start piling up, things that are mind blowing but only to you.

      The proof we need is usually tailored just for us.


  3. Yes, thanks for elaborating with your perspective Kate! It does make sense, although it also brings up more questions. How does the group come together in the first place?

    Is it just by “word of mouth” – like, the celebs know Erik through the interviews, and E knows us from the blog, and it becomes almost like networking?

    Or are we all part of the same soul group, some of us agreeing to be part of each others’ lives in some particular way (even if only over electronic or psychic means)?

    And what if I receive communication but don’t get it across to others in a big way? (e.g. I don’t post about it or really talk about these conversations with others). Usually I just feel like they’re popping by to say hi but they don’t initiate major conversations like they do with you… Which is why I usually question whether I’m just imagining things.

    This is why I love your blog. I’ve been confused about this stuff for years and it’s nice to have a conversation about it with someone who doesn’t think I’m crazy. 🙂


    • I honestly couldn’t say for sure: I think we use concepts like soul families and networking to wrap our minds around something that doesn’t match our current (incarnated) experience.

      I am sure that all we need to do to establish a connection is think about them. All they need to “knock” on our door is think about us.

      If one or the other of us “knocks” and the other one is in a perceptive state, then an exchange can happen.

      Sometimes I know they’re very determined. My friend’s uncle flowed Sweetie home from work and spent a couple of hours before we realized he was there and talked to him (the west coast dowser)

      Add to that the idea that they (the spirits) are far less limited in terms of how many places they can be in at a time, across timelines. (This is how they can make music play at specific times for us – they go back in time a bit to influence the playlist)


      • Ha! I’m sure there are lots of spiritual concepts that our human pea-brains can’t understand from this perspective.

        I seem to have pretty respectful spirits around me – they seem to drop by and show support but don’t push me if I’m too stressed or overwhelmed (which is most of the time these days). That’s when I feel their energy around me but they don’t say anything in particular.

        I kinda see the concept as leaving a “voicemail” – in other words, when we think of them or they think of us, the connection is made; but both of us have to voluntarily pick up the phone for a long catch-up chat. 🙂

        Do you get the music too? I call it my “crazy head DJ” when random songs pop into my mind. When I was reading your Cory entry mentioning Fleetwood Mac, I got “Don’t stop thinkin’ ’bout tomorrow” playing in my head!


      • Yep! That is one of the songs they did in glee, and the exact song that a singer “spontaneously” decided to cover while sweetie & I were on a patio pub the day Cory’s post went live 🙂

        Sometimes it’s easier to trigger a song than a thought.

        It’s like you’re a piano, and they can only play notes you already know.


    • Sylvia Browne explained it as “turning on your light”

      Once you start practicing telepathic communication, your light, your energy is more attractive to any spirit who is around, they become drawn to you.

      I think networks like Erik’s work in the same way – networks have an attractive light of their own.


    • Soul groups I like to think of as a group of beings who like to incarnate in and around each other, some might be related through shared incarnations (split off from the same soul bubble or timeline)

      Soul group folks seem to inevitably find each other and immediately feel familiar – oh there you are! How wonderful to have found you again!

      I also think soul families can facilitate the biggest lessons for each other.

      Understand that every psychic comes up with their own theories based upon her experiences :). I encourage you to adapt your own ideas to your own experience and intuition.


      • Hmmm, I’ve never really thought of all the technical terms – I think I’m more focused on the human side. But are you speaking about that “ding ding” that one feels (kind of like cupid’s arrow) when meeting someone for the first time but knowing that they’re going to be important in your life (platonic or romantic)? Or is that more of a contract coming together?


  4. Speaking of Sylvia Browne, I’d like to see someone channel her now that she’s on the other side since she can speak to having both experiences (channeler, and now channeled spirit). That could be a very interesting interview! Maybe someday you could “call her up” and have a little chat!


    • Ha! I already did and got her “voicemail”

      Check out my podcast and scroll down to the entry with Sylvia Browne in the title.

      Or search here on the blog, I think I cross-posted it

      I’ll post it tomorrow if you can’t find it 🙂


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