Revealing Cat Colours

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Remember this post, waaaaay back in 2011 about the colours of domestic cats and how it can signify the cat’s mission?

I thought I’d elaborate on what I’ve learned in the past few years.  Here’s a quick list:

– It seems that in general, only cats seem to have obvious colour-concurrences to their “mission” in life (whether it’s healing, helping with spiritual growth, grounding, being a clown, etc.)  Dogs and indeed most domestic pets come in with specific missions in relation to their human (why be a pet, otherwise?)  But with dogs it’s often breed-related, and dogs frequently seem to incarnate back into their *physical* line, meaning they seem to like to reincarnate into bodies that are decended from their previous bodies.  I’ve seen this with horses and I’ve absolutely heard this from wild birds, who reincarnate into their descendants.

But only cats seem to use fur colours to signal what exactly it is that they’re up to.

Here’s a list of the most common groupings, as observed by Penelope Smith and by me.  Now, keep in mind that not EVERY orange cat is a member of the “Orange Cat Contingent”, but all members of the Orange Cat Contingent make sure they have orange coats.

Orange tabby

Big change.  Cheerful, jollying you along, leaders, encourage leadership in their families, encourage self-confidence, bold, brash, encourage global change (they’re major environmentalists).  Sometimes they minor in energy healing (as many cats do!)  They hold the “vibration” of sunlight, energy, optimism, catalysts.  Orange cats may present themselves as signs to encourage you in a new beginning, to encourage you on your way.

Brown Tabby

Grounding.  Keeping you down to earth with love, snuggles, companionship, humour.  Big snugglers, big lovers.  They are awesome at helping you to love yourself, to become independent from the opinions of others, to remind you to connect with nature and connect with your true self / heart center / what you really want in life.  They’re great at calming you down and helping you through hard times.

Black & White (Tuxedo)

Sacred clowns!  Tuxies are born to raise the vibration of the people around them, constantly, through clowning!  My friend’s tuxie invented the most ridiculous way to eat his food: he backs his butt up the wall behind the food dish and eats his food while doing a handstand.  He does this “because it’s funny”.  Check out all the toilet-trained cats on you-tube – so many of them are tuxies!  They do it “because it’s funny”.  They also like to invent games, get into mischief (are known to flush their toys down the toilet once they’ve learned how to operate it!)  They’re all about living in the moment, making this moment brighter, happier.


Physical healing.  Traditional herbalists often had black cats, which is how they became associated with “witches” and “bad luck” in some countries.  In other countries, black cats are actually considered to be sacred and good luck!  Black cats are often medical intuitive and are excellent at scanning the bodies of humans and recommending particular plants with certain energy signatures.  I think black cats and herbalists have been working together for thousands of years, and that herbalists developed a close, animal communication relationship with their little helpers!  Today, the black cats throw suggestions into the brains of their loved ones to encourage good health.  Drink that tea.  You want to eat spinach.  You want to come to bed early tonight.

Black cats also seem to have a proud history of being muses to writers and artists, helping to hold a supportive, creative space.


I’ve noticed that many other psychic and animal communicators seem to find themselves in the company of white cats.  White cats seem to have this spiritual connection, this ability to help and support their humans in raising their own resonance so they can tap into and connect with the “divine”, be it nature, spirits, other animals or their own healing gifts.  White cats are often born deaf (as with many white dogs, it’s a genetic trait associated with the white gene).  Deafness in animals often ramps up their dependence of their telepathic abilities, (as does blindness) and consequently, white cats often choose deafness to amplify their ability to communicate telepathically with their humans, to facilitate their teachings.  That’s one hell of a devotion!

Siamese / Point colouring

Siamese are a breed more than a colouring, but they’ve been cross-bred so much that point colouring appears in many different types of housecats, and in “new” breeds.  In general, point-coloured cats take great pride in their ancestry and their spiritual responsibilities.  They’re extraordinarily devoted, and demanding of respect.  A Siamese-heritage cat has a way of asking “do you know who I am?”  And so asks you, “Do you know who YOU are?”  They model pride, spirituality, history and wealth.  They remind you to take pride in your own heritage, your own history and to demand respect.

I’ve noticed that some of the newer pointed cross-breeds like the Birmen and the Ragdolls seem to be more “black and white” clowny temperaments even thought they appear more Siamese.  I haven’t really figured out whether the newer breeds are coming in as contingents / missions or if they just want to be love bugs and have a good time.

Tortishell & Calico

These are the cats of artists.  They’re introspective, they’re beautiful, often shy and introverted, they seem to dress up every room they enter.  They’re excellent muses.  Often they give the human permission to be a loner, to be introspective, to be different, unusual, to contrast with their own environment.  They understand this life experience, and commiserate.

Grey / Silver

Childhood.  Many people who have owned grey cats knew them when they were children.  Grey cats often come in for the kids.  One thing I’ve noticed in readings is that Grey, Black and White cats often have past lives as cats among these three colours, but not in any other.  This seems a bit too much “on the nose” to be real to me, but there must be something energetically related about these colours and the beings who are attracted to these contingents.  Grey cats pop up in fluffy, long-haired, flat-faced bodies, and when they do they’re often speaking to the *inner* child of the adults in the house, helping the human to reconcile past experiences in this life and in their past lives.  Sleek, short-haired grey cats are much more active, and seem to do the best job at snapping the humans out of their “head” and into the moment, connecting them to their irrational inner wants and needs, which are really our spiritual wants and needs.

When it’s not possible for the humans to meet or act upon their spiritual wants and needs (because sometimes, life sucks) the greys are amazing at holding that space of hope, supporting the humans through their limbo, until the “sun can shine” in their life again.  Grey cats really help us to clear the clouds from our lives.

That’s what I’ve learned so far from hundreds of pet readings and through Penelope Smith’s teachings.

What do you guys think about this?  Did you / do you have a cat in any of these contingents?

*remember I love to see your pet photos!*




20 thoughts on “Revealing Cat Colours

  1. Love this!! It’s so interesting to reflect back on past kitties, their coloration, and where I was in life at that time. And now, I have my big loveable orange tabby, at a time of significant change and new beginnings. Very a propos!


  2. I have had every colour cat imaginable. As a child I was drawn to black cats. As a teen we had a lot of rescues, probably over 20 that ran the colour spectrum. Then I ended up with a orange tabby and a white (Turkish van) for almost 20 years as an adult. Now I have a torty, long haired grey and 3 short haired greys. The greys are exactly what I need in my life right now. They love unconditionally.

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  3. I came back to this page because I had a dream last night of an orange and white kitten following me around and latching onto my foot lol. It was adorable. Never had that kind of dream before. It was nice :).


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  5. I loved reading this article. It is very interesting. I have a ragdoll cat and he seems to fit the Siamese description even though you mention that ragdolls can fit the tuxedo description. He is wonderful cat who has helped our family so much.

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  6. I have 2 black cats right now. I read on another website that says, it represent going into unity and wholeness. I feel very spot on at this time in my life. I used to have an all white cat and an orange/white cat few years ago. During that time, it was a difficult period for me going through a lot of spiritual awakenings, changes and healings. To date, white cat is still my favorite color cat. White is actually my favorite color. I love all things white.

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  7. Thank you so much for this! I live in rural mountain forest. I spotted a cat a few x’s for about a month but she’d not come to me. Then when it turned cold, she was at my window one morning looking in. A lynx point siamese. Bright blue eyes. The very instant i saw her, I said my mother brought her to me. Mom died a few years prior very suddenly. The kitty was starving, cold and i found out she had had kittens, so someone dropped her off to fend for herself in the woods. She was just a bsby herself. No collar, chip, not spayed and noone claimed her. Kittens were nowhere to be found. Poor thing. Shes happily part of our family, safe, warm, loved, healthy. Anyway, A couple months later I was missing my mother horribly that day. I have a painting that mom painted…it hangs at the foot of my bed. I look at it every day, but don’t really LOOK look at it. Its a girl with a cat on her lap. I can only describe the moment as being pulled to the painting. When I looked at it closely, I saw that the cat on the girls lap was mine. Blue eyes, dark ears, tail, paws. ..cream colored body! What a glorious moment. I giggled and stopped crying! Mama did bring her to me. I love you description of siamese and anscestors! How about that. Fast forward to today… I had someone doing energy work on me. Very clearly , at the end of the session, in my minds eye, a pure white cat came to my left side and sat. It was so ridiculously clear and such a random but impactful vision, that I had to look up the meaning of white cats. It’s all so beautiful. Thank you for your words!! They mean a great deal. Blessings and love!

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