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  1. So much synchronicity!! I’ve been meaning to comment on Biggie-related matters since you re-posted the revenue stream conversation recently, but things have been hectic (we just moved to a new place). ANYWAY, I’ve been thinking about Biggie a lot for the past couple of months myself…then about a month ago, my husband randomly decided he needed some of Biggie’s music on his phone (which is what we use to listen to music in the car). I hadn’t mentioned anything to him, so this was a funny coincidence. Money worries have been foremost on both of our minds lately with the move, etc., so I had to laugh when one of the first songs that came up on shuffle after that was “Sky’s the Limit” (Sky is the limit and you know that you can have what you want/be what you want).
    My main issue, as ever (and Kate, I think we’ve talked in the past about how we seem to have similar money-related hang-ups) is getting over THE FEAR. Theoretically, I can grasp all of the concepts Biggie is talking about re: abundance but I don’t know how to get past the panic that wakes me up in the middle of the night, the absolute terror that we’re always on the verge of utter destitution (especially right now as my husband and I are starting a new business and having a new baby). So I guess that would be my question: How do I get past this fear? Because I know the fear just translates into blocked energy, which ends up turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy type of thing.
    Also, one funny side note: I was having what I’m pretty sure was a conversation with Kurt not long ago, and on the subject of manifestation/abundance, etc., he basically said that I have to stop being so passive about what I want from the universe…he was like, “Think about how it is with your kids. You finally give in when you can’t stand listening to them whine about whatever it is they want anymore! Be like your kids!”
    p.s. LOVING the planners/wingers/rafters stuff. Can’t wait for more!


  2. I love your Biggie posts! I’ve been thinking about recent trends in fiscal inequality. My question is: it seems that, historically, having money was revered – people thought they were “better” than those who didn’t have. Now the same remains but it also appears that those who have been oppressed by classism almost look at having a lot of money (e.g. the 1%) is a “bad” thing (and of course, a lot of hurtful and helpful things certainly have been done with money). There seems, at least to me, that there is a duality of “good” and “bad” when it comes to finances.

    I would hope that everyone, regardless of race, gender, nationality, class, education, is able to have an abundant, clear financial stream. How do we move forward in humanity to foster economic equality and acceptance? Is it about changing our beliefs? Adjusting our perceptions of value? Changing the economic system?

    Or is the man-made economic system merely a soul-driven vehicle for learning about ourselves, our beliefs, and our intentions?


  3. Other than a bank account and retirement account, how can we make room for money in our lives? I believe that was mentioned in a past post. Making room for money.


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