Do you have a Planner in your life?

cat budgie

(I couldn’t think of a photo to go with “Planners” – so you get a cat and a budgie!)

In Episode 14 of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast I introduced the idea of Planners, Wingers and Rafters as a way of looking at our life plans.


Life Plans are generally what people talk about when they mean “my soul’s purpose, my intention when I incarnated, my contract with the Divine.”


With the idea of a “Life Plan” came this anxiety that if you’re not “on track” with your life plan, not doing what you’re supposed to do, that this is the source of your anxiety, discontent, depression or unhappiness.


Just like universal manifestation ideas like “The Secret” can be erroneously boiled down into a blaming the person for their own unhappiness, the Life Plan idea has resulted in the same anxiety:


If I’m unhappy, I must be doing something terribly wrong.


Are we responsible for how we experience our lives?  OF COURSE.  There is so much you can do relieve the mental and emotional suffering you experience when life rains crap.


But where is the crap coming from?  Is THAT your Life Plan?


Maybe.  It depends on whether you’re a Planner, Winger or Rafter.


I’m going to split this up into three posts over the next three days, so keep checking back!  Today, we’ll cover Planners.


Everyone knows Planners.  You can spot them a mile away.  Planners never ask me to look at their life plan, they’re so intuitively plugged into what they want to do next that they have difficulty relating to people who experience a lot of uncertainty.


Planners have excellent saving habits (because they’re so plugged into the future and what they want to do) and Planners seem to have a near-limitless amount of energy.  They were born with a drive to burn through a Divine To Do List with a thousand little action items!


Planners are the ones who seem to get ALL the lucky breaks.  If they incarnated with a Life Plan to touch the lives of millions of people, that fame comes very easily to them – they’re always in the right place at the right time.


Wingers can get very discouraged if they compare themselves to Planners.


Here’s a secret about Planners:  they experience the same level of spiritual challenge as everyone else.  It doesn’t always LOOK like they’re struggling, which is another great Planner characteristic – on the ground floor, Planners can intuitively sense what they need to do next.


That doesn’t make it easy.


My grandfather’s mother was a planner.  She had many children and an extremely difficult life.  Yet, her whole life, she always “did what needed doing,” and she didn’t waste a lot of time agonizing about it.


Planners put so much detail into their life plans, they’re capable of setting up some of the greatest spiritual challenges on earth.   Their life plan may not actually be about their individual sentient consciousness.  In fact, a Planner can end up taking on a massive karmic burden (past-life baggage that needs to be worked out on the other side or in future lives.)


Planners often come in to make a big splash, and they often make huge sacrifices for the team.


They volunteer to provide this life experience so that others can be affected by their story.  They’re challenging, they’re controversial and many planners die in dramatic and shocking ways.


Who do you think may be a planner? 

8 thoughts on “Do you have a Planner in your life?

  1. Kate, this is so interesting. I’m soooo not a planner. I’m so lazy. I’m the laziest person I know. Interesting that I just saw on “Channeling Erik” Elisa did a post on laziness and possible connection to a past life. I can’t wait to read your next entries on these topics!!


  2. I thought I was more of a winger but when I contemplated it, I heard “planner” very clearly. Which would make sense because I’m an uber planner in life. The struggles seem to come, though, when life appears to throw obstacles in the path. Does that mean I’m testing myself to determine whether and why I really want what I want? Or just learning determination and resilience?


    • Hmmm, probably all three. Determination really rings true because planners are not easily deterred from what they want / visualize for their future. So it makes sense that the challenge would leverage that determination.

      “Oh you’re determined? Teach yourself about what determination.”

      I think planners are also gifted advice- givers, because they can see clear path potentials n the future of others.

      Perhaps you’re on the continuum between planner and winger?


  3. Hi Kate ~ Very Interesting and I am Curious.~Is it possible(esp.from 7-9yrs)to begin as Planner(till some sh*t happened)?Then I draw blank as to where i fit in here thru my rebellious :-S age (guessing Rafter),as neither Winger/Planner most def do not fit w/Life Plan then..I AM Planner w/Winger (favoring towards the Winger side now) 🙂


    • That’s a great question!

      I think we can have specific plans for our childhood, to set us up for the rest of our lives.

      I also think we can have certain points of our lives choreographed in detail, and other parts, for years, be creative or winger years.

      There are a million shades and possible combinations.


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