Ep 20. Names! How your handle matters!

what did you call me


What’s in a name?  How does your name affect the energy you experience?  How does you name affect other people?

And PET NAMES!  Do pet’s care what they’re called?  What happens if the don’t like their name?  I share stories about pets with opinions about their names.

Did you guys know that “Kate” is not my legal name, but my preferred name?  Find out why I changed it in this week’s episode!


4 thoughts on “Ep 20. Names! How your handle matters!

  1. Great episode. Loved Mister Winston part. Mr. Purri was very keen, too, and seemed to listen to the pet name part with his ears turned towards the PC while sleeping… You know, we had a badger guest in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine years ago and he said his name is Mr. Badger. He was one, bold and cursing Badger I met while walking in the forest.


    • Many of our pets understand a lot more than they’re given credit for, and I’ve had animal friends in the wild who demanded respect and granted a rare audience.

      I think our cultural ideas about animals has been so influenced by domestication and farming, some people don’t have a concept of animal pride and dignity!

      But it’s there!


  2. I have always tried to name my furry friends with thoughtful names. My Beagle I named Rio. My first dachshund I named Phoenix. My current furry baby I named Mahina. It is Hawaiian for “moon”. I named her that because after Phoenix died I was SO sad. I was sad for an entire year. When I brought Mahina into my life, I considered her to be my light in my darkness…hence Mahina. I find I tend to just call her “puppy” a lot too. Maybe we can say that is her middle name. 🙂
    Re: Adults changing their names. I was 20 when I changed my name legally. While I kept my legal first name, it isn’t one people would remember when I would introduce myself. I would see them again and they would have to ask my name again. When I legally changed my middle name to Oktobre (pronounced just like the month) and started using it as my primary name, people would mostly remember. If they couldn’t remember my actual name, they would at least remember it was a month. lol Names also hold a number vibration. Oktobre = 5 which is the number of change.


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