Rafters–Angels on Earth

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Last year I did a reading for the very first True Rafter I had ever met.  She wanted to look at her life plan, what her higher self had planned for her and the themes around her incarnation.

Basically she was asking, “What the heck am I doing here?”

I looked and was astounded by what I saw, clear as a bell in my mind, as though I was physically looking at her plan right in front of my eyes: a single piece of paper, with a single sentence written on it.

Help where help is needed.

Then I saw travel all over the world.  This help included everything from picking up a kid’s shoe that had fallen off his foot, to spending potentially years abroad working on grassroots projects in developing nations.  The possibilities were truly limitless, but the purpose was the same.

And then I saw unfolding angel wings, and I understood.

It was truly mind-boggling to me, because most of what I’ve read through the teachers I’ve encountered never made mention of high-resonance “angelic” beings incarnating in physical form.

I’ve talked about Angel Training, sure.  But I’d never before run into someone whose life plan was so profound and uncomplicated, and whose higher self showed me wings.

There are many potential ways to interpret this message, but I went with the certainty, the full-body *knowing* that came the moment I saw those wings. 

So I told her exactly what I saw, and what I thought.  Then I didn’t hear from her for months.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her, that reading completely rocked my world.  I felt like I’d caught a glimpse of El Dorado.  Then, one day I opened my email to see a message from her, which was a testimonial so beautiful it actually made me cry. 

This work is full of little miracles.

That reading opened my awareness to a whole new type of incarnation, one where you *don’t* have a plan.  You didn’t really need one, and you’re okay with that.

Rafters have a comfort zone that is bigger than the widest-ranging risks a most of us would ever take.  Big changes come easily to Rafters, they ride uncertainty and the unknown like a surfer on a wave. 

Want to move across the country with this person you just met? Take a job you’ve been offered and think you can do but really know nothing about?  Travel around the world for a few years with little money and no plan?  

Sounds just right to a Rafter. 

Rafters *know* it’ll always work out because it always DOES for them.  They’re not here strictly for their own development, they’re the “right place, right time” masters, and they’re the ones who hear the other angels the best.

Rafters might not even know that their impulses are really nudges from all the angels trying to help us all along.  Rafters are the angelic boots on the ground, they’re like the sleeper agents for the universe. 

Here’s the really awesome thing:  many of us have a sub-theme in life as a Rafter.  Remember this whole thing is a continuum, with Planners on one extreme, Wingers in the middle and Rafters on the other end.  There are a TON of people who have Rafter “phases” in life.  We might devote a decade or more to a Rafter time, before “growing up” and discovering true ambitions of our own. 

“True Rafters” (and by true, I mean those who incarnate with one sentence life plans) radiate an energy that so many people are attracted to.  They seem pure, innocent, optimistic, friendly and loving towards everyone.  Rafters simply can’t see a difference between one sort of person and another.  They might be perplexed when someone tries to tell them about “those people” but they can’t hold on to a judgement against “those people” or the person talking to them!

I’m reminded of my high school friend Ben who invited a homeless man in Toronto to stay with him, without even consulting his roommate who was standing right there!  It did not even occur to Ben that his friends might have a problem bringing this stranger home.  A True Rafter can only see the light in another person, and is only capable of seeing the best, highest-good action as an option in any given situation.

Remember this entry on Exit Points?  For Rafters, every day is a potential exit point.  THAT is how open their life plan is!  It’s a scary thought for a lot of people. 

Here’s a tough part for a lot of people: Rafters are sometimes victims of terrible crimes.  It was not necessarily planned when they came in to die in such a tragic way.  Rafters seem to be tapped, or seem to be asked to put themselves in the path of a human predator to divert this predator from another potential victim who does have a complex life plan. 

This is why it seems like the best, the brightest, the most radiant of people seem to end up as victims in this way. 

Likewise, Rafters are the ones struck down in their prime by sudden illnesses or accidents.  A rare disease will crop up out of nowhere and ruthlessly snuff out their light.  A car accident will end it all, or a fluke series of coincidences.  This golden child who always seemed to be on the right side of lady luck will suddenly seem to be crushed by a cruel and merciless world. 

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Well, because this world is a challenging place that’s full of random chance, a sort of organized chaos that is being actively managed by our own thoughts, our choices and the crazy-constant work of our guides, angels and spirit friends. 

For Rafters, they didn’t plan a specific exit point.  They can decide to be done at anytime.  They can be nudged towards an exit point that will teach doctors about a rare disease, or help bring awareness to a trend of violent crime.  Rafters do not hesitate to risk their lives helping others, and sometimes they do leave their bodies through one heroic act or another. 

For those left behind, sometimes you can obviously see the how this person’s death had a profound impact on the world, but more often the death seems random and senseless. 

What I’ve seen and heard through many readings, learned from many teachers, is that no death is random or senseless.  It may not have been planned ahead of time, but every death has retroactive purpose. 

Even the grieving process of those left behind is a lesson from a Rafter.  The death and the grief will motivate action and change, because people just can’t *stand* this particular senseless death.  Even in death, a Rafter’s influence has the uncanny knack of getting everyone involved in a good cause.

11 thoughts on “Rafters–Angels on Earth

  1. Wow. This definitely moved me. I believe myself to be a rafter, although no Angel.

    I am a Registered Nurse and work in an intensive care Burn Unit. Horrible, horrible things I see at work. Sometimes, I think I work in the depths of hell.
    I take care of people who have doused themselves with gasoline and lit a match ( yes, this type of suicide attempt happens WAY more than people think). I take care of women who have been doused with gasoline and lit ( domestic violence). I have taken care of MANY people that have been burned in “meth lab explosions”, and of course many men who have been burned working in the plants down here in south Louisiana.
    I have taken care of a toddler that was put on the oven burners by his abusive father ( the list goes on and on).

    I never talk about work to friends, family, not even my husband. I never mention it on social media either.

    My work has gotten me so very, very depressed. I keep wondering why did I choose this line of work?? Well, it does help reading this to know I came here to “help” ….. and I truly believe that is my purpose.

    Thank you Kate.


    • I know exactly what you’re talking about. Burns… Oy. I also know someone who set herself on fire, it’s a place of terrible emotional pain.

      I remember a toddler from my days as a hospital volunteer who was burned over 50% I don’t need to describe it.

      It seems like a design flaw, that our bodies are capable of so much pain.

      Do you care for yourself as well as you care for others? Go on vacation? Heal yourself?

      I went camping with a bunch of women a few times, one was self-nurturing after returning fighting for women’s rights for a year in Afghanistan

      She was definitely a rafter.

      She was able to do the work no one else could because she promised herself this healing / self-nurturing time. And she never told herself she’d keep doing it. She only went back when she felt healed.

      I worked with some amazing burn docs in Toronto too, sometimes the culture on the ward and in the hospital is the healing / nurturing you need.

      I burned out of nursing in less than a year. Take care of yourself!


      • Design flaw, or part of the basic tech specs of being alive? Seems to me there’s not much point in having physical bodies without the whole range of physical sensations (and problems and joys) that go along with it.


  2. Omg, have you written about this before ?? You have described my son, aged 21, Very closely. I have focused so much energy to “Help Him”, that it is affecting every part Of me. This is Sooooo helpful to see the bigger picture !! Thank you Kate. -Kathi

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  3. Is there a way to get a reading from you just for this particular subject, Kate? I don’t have $120 for a full reading right now, but I could use some confirmation (especially about every day being a potential exit point)…. I’m burnt out and my body is tired. I would love a rest but it seems like I just keep getting slapped in the face with triple fives no matter how much I ask for things to slow down, which makes me feel unheard , disrespected and depressed. I cannot form proper relationships with people because they’re just filtered into my life for me to help them…then they’re gone. While this kind of life may sound fun…it’s not ideal. You miss out on the things that regular humans get to enjoy. Like family, long-term friends, not being constantly barraged with information or knowings about other people, stable jobs, stable living situations, love, hobbies….or just having a (heaven forbid) normal day without some freak thing interrupting it. Anywho. If you offer quick readings about this, that would be great.


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