Biggie Answers, pt 2.


Continued from Monday.

HSB asked:

I love your Biggie posts! I’ve been thinking about recent trends in fiscal inequality. My question is: it seems that, historically, having money was revered – people thought they were “better” than those who didn’t have. Now the same remains but it also appears that those who have been oppressed by classism almost look at having a lot of money (e.g. the 1%) is a “bad” thing (and of course, a lot of hurtful and helpful things certainly have been done with money). There seems, at least to me, that there is a duality of “good” and “bad” when it comes to finances.

I would hope that everyone, regardless of race, gender, nationality, class, education, is able to have an abundant, clear financial stream. How do we move forward in humanity to foster economic equality and acceptance? Is it about changing our beliefs? Adjusting our perceptions of value? Changing the economic system?

Or is the man-made economic system merely a soul-driven vehicle for learning about ourselves, our beliefs, and our intentions?


Yeah, that’s not gonna stop.  People look at themselves, and they want to look outside themselves for the cause of their problems.  They do.  Friends, they turn into enemies if you give them money, if you don’t, ‘cause you didn’t give them enough.

That’s the thing you get to see when you get money, is the real bad side pf people and how they keep themselves down.  It’s not about what you’re worth, it’s about what you’ll sell yourself for. 

Some women, they look at an escort and they all hate her, call her a “hooker” when they’re giving it away, not gettin’ anywhere, hooker’s getting paid. 


So uh, does that mean we’re all “sell outs”?


Sell out is a feeling.  If a hooker, she’s good at her job, people like her, she feels good about herself.  Is she a sell out just ‘cause she’s selling what people think she shouldn’t be sellin?

People have fucked up ideas about what you should and should not do with your own shit.


Oh yeah, I completely hear you.  Some people think this psychic stuff should all be free too.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world if I could devote my life to helping people and everything I needed just came to me?


It does, it’s about saying what you’re selling, what you’re selling it for.  And whether or not people are buying.  It’s about understanding how that whole thing works, what your pop songs are, what’s your art, what feeds your belly and feeds your soul.

You gotta have all of that, every body has a right to that.  So my songs are so much about telling kids who think they’re worth nothing that they’re worth everything, if I tell them that enough they’ll believe it. 

(Call back to the Believe It entry.)

If someone is seeing a good and bad in what you do, and what you sell, they’re just talking about themselves, you know?  Yeah, none of that shit is about you.


I hear you, I think we all do.  It’s about incorporating it and knowing it, having that be a default position.


Yeah, and it does get easier, once you’re on the right road, in Believing It.  Then people can give you all the shit they want, you can withstand it.  Except for bullets.  You know I’m in the Bullet Club (points to how many people I’ve talked to who have died by gunshot wounds.)




You know when people said that, I thought they were saying “Tissue”.  I was like, “You gonna sneeze?”  Then I heard it was French.  (laughs)


How about this part:  How do we move forward in humanity to foster economic equality and acceptance? Is it about changing our beliefs? Adjusting our perceptions of value? Changing the economic system?


Just, be kind.  It’s all about being kind.  It’s not any more complicated than that.  You’re being kind to yourself, you’re not gonna sell yourself too low.  You’re being kind to others and kind enough to yourself, you’re not gonna be hard on them for makin’ it, and they can help pull you up. 

That’s just all it is.  Be kind.

At this point in the Biggie mix I was listening to, this song comes on, and Biggie indicates it’s a good closer for this talk.  Love and peace, y’all.

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