Kate is on the Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola!

Hey all!

In a lovely twist of timing, my episode of the Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola was released this week!

Listen to it here

Or here in iTunes

Subscribe to the Numinous Podcast (and to the Joyful Telepathy Podcast) in iTunes as well!

4 thoughts on “Kate is on the Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola!

  1. Sally Jessie! As a former vegan/vegetarian/raw foodist, I very much appreciate the idea that some of us need animal protein to survive; it’s not about lacking moral ethics. I guess whatever food you choose to eat, the relationship you have to it may be as important as the kind of food you eat, you know?


    • That’s a great relief for me to hear that from a veg person. I tried, I really tried. I think I can’t, in part, so I can help others who can’t, and still help the animals.

      For some reason my Dad feels compelled to point out all the factory farms to me. I didn’t sign up for that tour!!!


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