Update on Mom


Mom is feeling *great*. So much better than when I saw her in April, or even earlier this week right after another round of chemo had left her weak and nauseous.

The last couple of days we’ve been out on walks, had long conversations and today we’re going on a drive to see the leaves.

Thank you, dear blog friends. Without you, I would not have been able to be here right now.

The leaves are spectacular. Ontario is truly at it’s best this week.

All this good is counter-balanced by a big sad: the tumour is indeed back, and it’s growing.

I went with my parents to one of the medical appointments in Ottawa, and I feel so much better about how my parents and the doctors are communicating with each other. My Mom *is* doing what she wants to do, and Cyberknife IS what she wants.

Well, what she wants is to be free of cancer, but given the options, this last kick at the radiation can is the lowest-risk.

I gently introduced the idea of advance care planning as far as it felt respectful. Really, this is between my parents, and ultimately they will make the decisions that are best for them.

I’m incredibly proud of my mother, her strength and stoicism, her matter-of-fact approach to a scary and shitty situation. She talks about possible side effects like stroke, losing speech, going blind or deaf as though she’s preparing *me* for these possibilities.

Meanwhile, the rest of our family continues to count our many blessings and the many potential bullets so-far dodged.

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