Mom Update – good news!

kate sitka mother


The medical roller coaster for cancer patients is not news to anyone.  During the week I stayed with my parents, I witnessed dozens of phone calls, wrong numbers, lost messages and contradictory follow-ups.

It’s confusing as hell, and I’m not even the one with the brain tumour.

I had a great visit with my Mom.  I’m so happy I went.  The timing was perfect – just after a round of chemo, and just before the news that the tumour seems to be growing again.

Today she had more brain surgery and I just got a text from my Dad saying she came through it well.  Hurray!  Let’s hope this has bought us some really good time.

Meanwhile, Reiki folks and healers, my Mother would really appreciate remote healing.

Non-healers, just send us all love.

I had kind of a meltdown after we finally returned home.  I was just exhausted, I think.  Things seem better today, I’m more optimistic about my life.  Something about this trip caused me to question nearly all of my choices and options.  For the first time in five years, I wasn’t relieved to come back home to Tofino, but restless and anxious to get back into the rest of the world.

I was kind of shocked with myself too.  Haven’t we worked so hard to be here?  Haven’t we sacrificed so much to live in this beautiful, remote place?  Why does coming back home feel like cramming my feet back into shoes that are too small?

Funny how major life events cause us to question EVERYTHING.

Of course, I know enough about myself not to make major life decisions at a time like this.  I’ll just take note of my thinking and see how it develops.

One thing is for sure:  We are NOT taking the Tofino Bus ever again if we can help it!  It was a terrible trip!  The driver was going far too fast through the mountains and couldn’t seem to stay off the “rumble strip” that choppy part of the pavement that lets you know you’ve gone too far into the shoulder of the road.  Four hours of “rumble rumble rumble” twice a minute!  It has an exhausting effect on the body and the mind.  We needed our seat belts just to stick in our seats, otherwise the heaving and swaying of the bus would toss us off the bench.

Oh, and the bus was oversold, so I had to stand for the first hour of the trip.  I was grateful to be able to do that, because the next bus out wasn’t until 10 am the next morning!  I was worried they’d tell us they couldn’t let anyone stand for legal / liability reasons.

So it’s very possible that the physical beating we received at the last leg of our journey while we were utterly exhausted affected my outlook.  Sweetie promptly got sick with a cold.

The alternative is small aircraft, either float plane or small airplane, depending on what sort of offering / favours the owners might be willing to give a local.

Failing that, there’s always hitch-hiking or ride-sharing, but let’s call that a last resort!

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