Ep. 22 More messages from Birdies!

2014-10 chipmunk with nuts kate sitka psychic

I am taking a deep breath in and gathering up all my nuts after our trip to Ontario, so this week is going to be all about catching up, catching my breath and getting organized for the next thing.

Last Tuesday, subscribers of the podcast will have noticed the latest podcast episode, More Messages from Birdies!  This week’s messages from the birdies was about protection from entities, recurring dreams vs. parallel realities and how fear of insects can really work in your favour for intuitive development.

The previous Tuesday, blog readers will have noticed that I was a Guest on Bob Tarte’s podcast!  

But subscribers might have missed that, because I didn’t post anything about it in the actual podcast feed.  So this week is all about getting my ducks in a row and making sure everyone has heard all the content produced in the last crazy few weeks!  Today’s post on the podcast feed is a little update and thank you directing subscribers over to Bob’s podcast.

And if you’re already caught up on all the podcasts because you’re a blog reader AND a podcast subscriber, THANK YOU!  You’re a super-duper fan, and you’re awesome!


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