Bug Friends


Thanks to Andrea for the lovely bug pics! This dragonfly feels like he’s ramping up to a reproductive cycle and is tasting the air. He’s super attracted to some smell.

Andrea made friends with some bugs after listening to Episode 22. More Messages from Birdies


She also spared me the photo of a tarantula. Thanks for holding that one back!

8 thoughts on “Bug Friends

  1. Have you ever held a tarantula, Kate? Everyone should do it once. Their feet feel like Velcro — it’s a very odd, surreal, and surprisingly pleasant sensation. (I’d considered getting a tarantula tattoo at one point, then figured I didn’t want to be terrified of my own skin one day when I was old and senile. 😉 )


    • Yes, at Science North in Sudbury. It was very unsure about being held.

      Tarantulas are really cool spiders, and they don’t move quite as quickly as other spiders and are less scary to me.

      Buy yeah, if I can see it’s individual eyeballs it’s too friggin BIG!!!


  2. I used to be pretty terrified of spiders, but the other week someone suggested I give them a name when I see them as it personalises them. It works quite now. We have one that seems to like our bathroom and I call her Mavis. So instead of screaming SPIDER!, I now say, ‘oh, Mavis, what are you doing in here again?’. I may be mad but it works for me 🙂

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