Hedonism Unplugged

I LOVED this post by fellow blog reader, Mermaidcamp.

I feel such an urge to lighten my load and bring more enjoyment into my life.

Sweetie and I adore fine dining. We would rather save for months on one five-star dining experience than get pizza once a week. When we go, we stay for hours!

While we visited Vancouver, we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and inadvertently recreated out first date by seeing Emily Carr’s same work in a different city!

Culture, luxury, beauty.



Cheers! Cheers!

I am a hedonist. This archetype is a prominent part of my persona. I don’t mind being considered to be a Sybarite.  I think I might inspire some people to experiment with allowing a little bit more pleasure into life when they see it does not seem to do me any harm.  Art, taste, harmony of elements are all of great importance to me.  Often it is much better for me to go to a museum alone because I normally want to stay at least twice as long as most others.  I also adore very long, lingering dining experiences that are memorable because of the good company and good cheer.  My good friend and fellow hedonist Eric Ellenberg and I once went to the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center for lunch (long before 9-11).  The food and the view were grand.  We stayed for hours…

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