Suggestions? What do you think of this bio?

What’s awesome is I’m getting invited on to other people’s podcasts!  Yay!

The thing is, whenever I do something outside the context of this blog, I need to provide a short biography to describe who I am and what I do.

What do you guys think of this?  I’m totally open to your opinions and suggestions.


Here it is:

Kate Sitka is a professional Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium; you can call her “psychic”.  After a weird and wonderful childhood full of secret conversations with animals, Kate spent 10 years working privately with friends and word-of-mouth referrals.  She found her home and strength on the Wild West Coast of British Columbia, where she officially launched her free blog, podcast and her public practice.

Kate’s testimonials speak for themselves, and her growing online community loves the oodles of free learning materials she produces on an almost-daily basis.

My mission in life is to help expand our understanding of each other, other species and the afterlife through writing, humour, teaching and demonstration!       



It’s difficult for me to hit the “hey, I want to check this out!” vibe without sounding gross.  The bold things will be linked to the actual blog, podcast, testimonials etc.

How do you guys feel about being my “growing online community”?  🙂

11 thoughts on “Suggestions? What do you think of this bio?

  1. i likey!! i gives the listener a good, general idea of who kate sitka is and has your fun personality infused, which definitely sets you apart.
    love the double entendre of “growing” online community. yes, your online presence as a psychic is increasing in size AND we, the digital community, are sprouting, blooming, learning, and expanding because of your posts and podcasts. SCORE!


    • Thank you Liz. I may need to rework this to make it shorter to use in my facebook / twitter / g+ / instagram profile, but for now this is about the right length to go on the “about” page, in the elephant journal guest posts (of which there will be more) and on the web pages for the podcasts I visit.

      I’ll probably have about one second to grab someone’s attention and get them to read the rest of the bio, and once they’ve read the bio the right people will probably want to click the links. This is what I’m hoping.


    • awesome. I hesitate to call myself a “teacher” because I dislike the power dynamic in a student / teacher relationship. Instead I like to focus on what I’m offering, and people take take me up on it or not without judgment.


  2. I think it looks great! Your “voice” and personality comes through very positively, and a link to free online materials will definitely drive some traffic. Just think, one day we’ll say — we knew Kate back when! 🙂


  3. What do you guys think of the shift from third person to first person in the last sentance? I put it in italics so that it looks like the third person is quoting me in the first person.

    Is that jarring, or horribly incorrect, grammatically?


    • It’s not jarring, but it probably is not grammatically correct. A possible way to do it —

      Kate’s mission in life: To help expand our understanding of each other, other species and the afterlife through writing, humour, teaching and demonstration!


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