Sunshine worried


Sunshine asked me tonight “Did Mom run away?”

I guess Leo, my first tabby, had told her about breakups. The humans get very upset and then one leaves and doesn’t come back.

Although Sunshine is telepathically in touch with both of us, all she knows is we’re both upset and Sweetie left in a rush, and has been sad since she left.

We weren’t sure when Sweetie was coming back so it was all just dangling.

Poor Sunshine!

This is why it’s so important to explain to your pets what is going on.

She knows Sweetie is coming back after 5 dark nights.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine worried

  1. Reblogged this on Tailbook and commented:
    Talk to your pets… They always wonder wonder where their humans are & when they will come back – or if they ever come back…. I remember Amelia Kinkade told in one of her books that she told her cats that she’ll be home at 5PM. When she drove to her driveway at 5:05PM – because of the traffic – the cats were staring at her through the glass window, shouting: “You are late! Why didn’t you say that you are going to be late?!” So, talk to your pets and you can do that also from the distance. They’ll hear you: even if you do not hear them. But you just might do that as well.


  2. Silly question…do you just talk to them in your mind, or verbally? I try to communicate with my mom’s cat; I wonder if he misses me since I’ve moved away.


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