Ep: Quickie! How do animals tell time???

Quickie Episode-


This quickie episode was inspired by a question on my facebook page.  It’s a great question, and the answer includes helping us to communicate time to our pets, as in, “Other Mom is coming home after three dark nights!”

This is a practical one, and a quickie!  If you’re curious why it’s so quick, please see the previous blog post.  😉

Love to you all!

4 thoughts on “Ep: Quickie! How do animals tell time???

  1. quick, but extremely helpful! i feel like a giant boob for not telling my kitty about life changes that occur in our lives nor explaining what certain things mean. “i have to work late tonight, but so-and-so will come by to check on you around 8pm” = whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp. poor kitty probably thinks i’m the charlie brown teacher. thank you for the reminder!


  2. I wish my cat understood time, maybe he would stop makinga noise late at night. You do make a good point about it getting dark and light. A lot of animals sing or move at dawn or dusk. It does seem that the sun is the focus of their movements. Whether any animal takes much notice of the moon, I do not know. I would be glad to hear any thoughts on that.


  3. I often wondered whether my dog truly understands when I tell him that ‘I will be back soon ‘ as I make my way out the door. I’m even careful to call out to him if he is in another part of the house and inform him of my leaving with clear eye contact instead of just rushing out to do some errands. The fact that he does remain sitting inside the entrance way, not rushing to go outdoors with me makes me thing that he does. And I swear, I get a feeling that he is thinking, ‘fine, I don’t like it but come back quick!’, so maybe that’s not just my innate maternal instinct kicking in but me actually receiving telepathic communication from him. 😉

    Similarly, when I would like him to come indoors because I have to leave, there is no treat or toy that can bribe him; it’s almost as if he has heard me mentally think ‘oh, please do come in right now because I have to leave for an appointment’ and he stubbornly ignores my cajoling voice urging him inside!

    By the way, on the rare occasion I need to leave him for an overnight stay or two, I also use the ‘after three nights and bedtimes and three mornings’ thing, and I’m glad to hear it’s not as zany as my sons like to tease me about. (I learned to describe the time as ‘day/light or night/dark when communicating with my dog from a session I did with you a while back and have been using that ever since. ) Thank you for sharing this information.


    • Thank YOU for your lovely comment!

      I love to hear that youre using these communication techniques… And yes, just because they understand doesnt mean they immediately become obedient!

      I use special morning treats as a “come inside” bribe when im on a schedule in tge mirning.

      Is your dog a terrier? Some breeds are naturally independant. My cattle dog Mocha definitely had her own agenda!


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