How Instagram taught me gratitude

I love Ellie’s summary of Instagram. I happen to know Ellie and she’s a kick-ass person. If you love fashion, funny stories and maybe knitting, I think you’ll enjoy Ellie’s evolving story.

Oh and I’m on Instagram too, which I haven’t really shared before: @tofinopsychic

I tend to follow / admire on Instagram more than I participate, so let me know if you have or follow a happy feed.

I have about five different blog entries I want to write… We’ll see what I can get accomplished this weekend! Meanwhile, meet the Epic Ellie. 🙂


sunshine My morning dog walk today.

Ok so it didn’t teach me gratitude…but it sure did remind me. I had always thought of it as just a way to share food pictures…or just to show off how awesome your life is (wait…that’s Facebook) but what I really enjoyed about Instagram is that it is completely visual.  You can add your caption but the main focus is the picture.  Which got me thinking.

Instagram causes you to pause and photograph a certain moment in your day.  And for someone like myself who isn’t prone to taking pictures every day I realized that actively thinking about what I would capture that day made me pay attention to the small details in my life that I enjoy.  A simple caterpillar that I see on my dog walk or some yummy tea and cookies I’m taking some time to enjoy are all of a sudden…

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