Ep 25. Predicting the FUTURE-R-R-R!

25 future

Episode 25 y’all!  Thank you for listening!!!

“Tim from Iowa” sends us his astute questions about predicting the future: does knowing (or thinking you know) something about the future affect how everything turns out?

Did my accurate yet horrible tarot reading on myself in fact influence how challenging a year that turned out to be?
What about what we can do to affect our own future?  We discuss wicca, mantras, prayer and “intention” – how and why does that work, anyway?
The book referenced in this episode is:  Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Frarrand


And I know, *I know* you have been waiting for the follow up to Inner Demons:  I’ve written it… and decided to re-write it.  One has to be very careful when talking about literal demons.  It’s gonna be good though, trust me.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes I’ve been working on making the GIFT CERTIFICATES work this year!  It looks like it’s going to – and you know what else?  REPORT CARDS are coming back!!!  Whoops!  That was supposed to be a secret.
Stay tuned, we just have to figure out how to make it all jive with the new scheduling system.
Love you guys!  And thank you everyone who’s been helping me with suggestions for my back pain on facebook.  The lovely Candis (as in Crystal Candis) has been sending me some kick-ass reiki!


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